Student Program Goals

Statement of Purpose:

The Office of Student Programs oversees the programs and activities of the Associated Students of Clark College (ASCC), its student-funded programs and chartered student clubs and organizations.

The Office of Student Programs at Clark College is committed to providing you with opportunities for leadership development through participation in out-of-classroom programs and activities. Through the implementation and support of programs and activities which serve to enhance both the campus and community environments, you will develop leadership knowledge, skills and abilities which both supplements and complements classroom learning.

You are encouraged and supported to engage in governance activities, program/project development and management and those opportunities which demonstrate a commitment to service. By encouraging collaborative relationships within the campus community and the Clark College service district, you will gain an understanding and appreciation for community building and help develop an understanding of the responsibilities of citizenship.

The Office of Student Programs also serves to support those Clark College faculty and staff and Clark community members who commit their time, talent and energy to furthering the leadership development of students. The Office of Student Programs is committed to providing the resources necessary to ensure the quality of the advising/mentoring relationship.

It is through the development of mutually beneficial programs and relationships that the Office of Student Programs shall meet the leadership development needs of Clark College students.

The Office of Student Programs shall:
1. Offer quality leadership development education programs for students. 2. Offer quality co-curricular/extra-curricular programs for the benefit of students, Clark College and the community. 3. Engage in collaborative relationships between the Office of Student Programs and other campus departments for the benefit of enhancing the learning environment for students. 4. Engage in collaborative relationships within the Clark College service district for the purpose of exposing students to citizenship ideals and community service.

5. Provide resources which support the efforts of faculty and staff who direct and advise student funded programs and student clubs and organizations.

6. Promote the co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and activities and their benefits to the campus and community.