Washington State Employee Tuition Waiver Program

630.045 State Employee Tuition Waivers

Clark College allows tuition waivers for Washington State employees working half-time or more as defined in RCW 28B.15.558. For purposes of this tuition waiver, state employees are defined as those working half-time or more in the following categories: permanent classified service, permanent employees employed half-time or more governed by Chapter RCW 41.56, permanent classified employees and exempt paraprofessional employees of technical colleges, and nonacademic employees and members of the faculty and instructional staff employed at institutions of higher education. State employees may register for class(es) and take advantage of the tuition waiver program under the following conditions:
  1. Enrollment is limited to two classes per quarter on a "space available" basis.
  2. Enrollment is further limited to state-supported courses that are not continuous enrollment, self-support, special admission, individual study/internship courses, or courses for which the College determines that late enrollment is not appropriate.
  3. Participation in programs funded by the S & A fee (ASCC) is prohibited.
  4. A nonrefundable registration fee of $5.00 per quarter is charged, plus 20 percent of tuition per credit, plus $1.75 per credit for facilities and matriculation fees. All other course and special fees, books, and supplies are the responsibility of the participant.
  5. Participants must adhere to all existing College academic policies and procedures.
  6. Enrolling on a regular basis in order to reserve a seat then dropping the course and re-enrolling to be eligible for the waiver is prohibited.
The following procedures will be followed for implementation of the above program:
  1. Space will be considered available at the end of the fifth school day after a class has started if the class has not enrolled the previously set maximum number of students. Participants may attendsessions of the class(es) until a determination of available space is made. Instructors may request to see the State Employee Tuition Exemption form. If the number of students has not exceeded the maximum set for the class, the instructor should sign a Permission to Register form for the participant. Participants are not counted for state funding purposes and will not be counted towards class enrollment needed to meet the minimum class size for determining whether a class will be offered or canceled.
  2. The State Employee Tuition Exemption form is available from Clark College Human Resources or Registration. The form must be completed by the agency for which the employee works. The agency should keep the pink copy.
  3. After the fifth class day, participants may register for class(es) using the normal open registration process. They must complete a Class Registration form, have a signed Permission to Register form for each class, and a completed State Employee Tuition Exemption form. Even once all forms are signed, final registration depends upon meeting space availability criteria established above. Clark College employees have preference in space-available waivers.
  4. The student will be given the yellow copy of the waiver form and a Student Statement. The white copy of the State Employee Tuition Exemption form will be attached to the Class Registration form and kept at Registration; the employer keeps the pink copy.
  5. A unique Fee Pay Status (FPS) will be entered on the registration screen when the participant registers, which will cause the Student Statement to reflect the correct charge for the class.