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Combined Fund Drive

The mission of the CFD is “Empowering Washington public employees and retirees to strengthen communities through the funding and support of charities.” The CFD is Washington State’s workplace giving program for active and retired public employees. This program allows employees to make donations via check and payroll deduction to their favorite charities. Since 1984, Washington State public employees and retirees have generously donated more than $89 million to charity through the CFD.

The Washington State Combined Fund Drive has set the standard of giving amongst similar workplace giving programs. With the help of incredible volunteers, and the generous gifts from every participant, the CFD raises millions of dollars per year for local, national and international communities.

The Combined Fund Drive offers the security and convenience you expect when making a donation to your favorite charity. You can choose a monthly payroll deduction, write a check, go online, make a one-time pledge or fill out a paper form.

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