Clark College Employee Tuition Waiver Program

630.040 College Employee Tuition Waivers

Under the provisions of RCW 28B.15.558, the College offers educational benefits for employees working half-time or more under the following conditions:
  1. Employees working half-time or more may enroll in state supported classes on a space-available basis.
  2. Employees are charged a nonrefundable registration fee (currently $5.00 per quarter). Charges beyond the basic tuition and operating fees, such as change of registration, class fees, books, and supplies, are the employee's responsibility.
  3. Attendance in class will be on the employee's own time, during non-working hours, unless otherwise approved by the supervisor. Work schedules may be adjusted to accommodate taking a class with the approval of the supervisor.
  4. Employees registering for tuition-exempt course work are not entitled to receive student benefits.
  5. Employees may request tuition waiver for any classes except self-support courses. Such courses will be recognized by the College for faculty salary improvement and/or vocational certification provided they are an approved part of the professional improvement plan of the individual.
The registration procedure for classes is as follows:
  1. College employees using employee tuition waivers may register after the first class meeting.
  2. Faculty-staff tuition exemption request forms are available from Human Resources. The form must be approved by the supervisor if release time is involved, and then signed by the associate vice president of human resources or designee prior to registering for the class.