Thompson Fitness Center Rules

We strongly recommend that all facility users complete a course in weight training and/or circuit fitness prior to using the facilities.

All people who use the Thompson Fitness Center must adhere to the following rules.
  • Valid photo identification with current Fitness Center sticker required.
  • Complete an "Acknowledgement of Hazards and Risks" form annually.
  • Do not exercise unless a supervisor is present.
  • As a courtesy to others, please be modest in your dress.
    Facility Dress Code:
    • No hats or caps.
    • No tank tops or sleeveless shirts.
    • No jeans or cut-off shorts.
    • No boots, dress shoes, or open-toed shoes.
    • Entire torso and buttocks must be covered.
    • No excessive or dangling jewelry.
  • Spotters and collars required for free weights.
  • No food or chewing gum.
  • Use plastic spill-proof containers for beverages.
  • Carry a towel. Wipe each workout area after use.
  • All locks and lockers must be registered and contents must be removed from the locker rooms at the end of each quarter.