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      Body Composition Testing


BOD POD or Hydrostatic Weighing Body Composition Test

         Body composition testing, using state of the art equipment to measure body density.  BOD POD assessment also includes

         estimated resting caloric expenditure (RMR) and skin-fold measurements for comparison. Consultation includes discussion

         of healthy body composition and strategies for maintenance.

         $30 – FC Members

         $40 –   Corporate Rate

         $50 – Community


Sample Body Composition Profile


Metabolic and Cardiovascular Fitness Testing


Resting Metabolic Rate

        Measurement of daily caloric requirements and total energy expenditure.  Consultation includes weight management     

        strategies and goal setting.

        $30 – FC Members

        $40 – Corporate Rate

        $50 – Community


Sample Caloric Energy Profile


Metabolic Profile Testing – MPT

        Find your unique heart rate zones for power, efficiency, energy and max fat burn training, along with your fuel utilization (fat vs. carbohydrate)

        at key exercise intensities, Ventilatory Threshold and your VO2max

        $75 – Fitness Center Members

        $80 – Corporate Rate 

        $100 - Community Members


Sample Metabolic Efficiency Profile


Aerobic Fitness Assessments

Measured VO2, cardiovascular fitness testing on treadmill or bicycle.   Consultation includes discussion of normal VO2 & LT ranges,

strategies for improved performance and training plans based on test results.

Maximal measured VO2 testing

$75- FC Members

$80- Corporate Rate                  

$100 – Community


*Measured Blood Lactate/Anaerobic threshold testing

$10- FC Members

$20- Corporate Rate                  

$30 - Community

*Prices are in addition to Max VO2 test costs


Complete Fitness Assessment Package

Package includes aerobic fitness assessment, body composition test, muscular endurance and flexibility measurements.

Consultation to review all results.

$100 - FC Members

$120 - Corporate Rate   

$150 - Community


 Sample Complete Fitness Assessment Profile



Contact the Fitness Testing for appointments or questions:


                      O'Connell Sports Complex OSC Rm.146

                                       PH. 360-992-2185