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*Students: for CIS and WOIS passwords, contact the Career Center (360.992.2155), or log on to the Cannell Library web pages and go to Career Information Centers Online
*Non students: to view CIS and WOIS resources, visit the Clark College Career Center in GHL 108

Open CIS (Oregon Career Information System) and search by: Open WOIS (Washington Career Information System) and search by: Internet sites for choosing a major/choosing a school: Do you need to find out which Clark College courses will transfer to a four year college?
Visit the Clark College Advising Center. Clark has a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) with 19 four year institutions which allows a student who has completed an Associate of Arts degree to transfer in and receive junior standing. Students who are considering a school that does not recognize the DTA should work carefully with their intended college and a Clark advisor. Transfer guides for both Washington and Portland area schools are available in the Advising Center.