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Our Financial Literacy Mission


To provide quality training, education and resources to increase knowledge and awareness about money and money management to help reduce financial stress and increase financial literacy for Clark College students.


Financial Literacy

A concept of understanding matters, especially areas such as budgeting, financial planning and investment.

Clark College brings you an online financial management resource that helps you take charge of your money and manage your student loans with tips, tools and more.


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Financial Literacy Workshop Schedules:

Fall Quarter


Increase your financial literacy by learning about the basics of banking from the professionals. Topics include understanding checking accounts, methods of saving, credit scores and more.


A student's credit has a significant influence on their lives, including being hired for a job. Learn about the components of your credit scores and how to make credit work for you


Learn the basic principles of managing a household budget. Bring your calculator for this hands-on workshop and learn how to develop the tools for successful budgeting.