Real Time Captioner Policy

Disability Support Services (DSS) will coordinate Real Time captioners for students with a documented disability who have been approved for this academic adjustment by the DSS Director. The following identifies the responsibilities of the student and DSS if the student chooses to utilize Real Time captioners.

1. Student should request captioner services for classes a minimum of six weeks prior to the start of the quarter. Student understands that requests made with less than six weeks notice may be difficult to fill. Student must notify DSS immediately of any changes to his or her class schedule.

2. Student shall notify DSS within a reasonable amount of time, preferably at least two weeks in advance, when requesting a captioner for events, appointments, or meetings outside of regularly scheduled class time.

3. Student should utilize Priority Registration.

4. Student should notify DSS of any difficulty with a captioner.

5. Student will notify DSS; if possible, at least 24 hours in advance if unable to attend class or other pre-arranged captioner requested appointment.

6. Student understands that the captioner will only wait 10 minutes per scheduled class hour. If the student does not show within that time frame or call the DSS office to inform of late arrival, the captioner will leave and report to the DSS Office for reassignment.

7. After three absences captioning services will be suspended until the student meets with the DSS Director.

Responsibilities—Disability Support Services

1. DSS will send a letter to the student outlining the student's approved academic adjustments.

2. DSS will arrange for captioners upon request for appropriate Clark College classes, events, or meetings. Under no circumstances will Clark College be responsible for payment of captioner services unless authorized in advance by DSS or other authorized Clark College personnel.

3. DSS will make every effort to appropriately schedule qualified captioners based on the student's language needs, the captioner's skills, the course/event content, and the professor/presenter's style.

The above responsibilities have been explained to me, and I understand my responsibilities.

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