Academic Adjustments and/or Auxiliary Aids Appeal Procedure


If a student believes that Clark College Disability Support Services (DSS) has not identified or provided appropriate academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids, the student has the right to appeal.  Students are encouraged to meet with the DSS Manager to informally resolve the issue.  If the issue cannot be resolved in this manner, the following procedure applies:

  1. The student shall submit a written appeal to the Director of Access Services or designee.  The appeal should minimally address the following points:
    • The nature of the disability and its current impacts and functional limitations in the academic setting.
    • Details of the academic adjustment and/or auxiliary aid being requested and why.
    • A description of all academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids presently or in the past provided and/or offered by the DSS Office.  Include an explanation as to why these adjustments and/or aids are insufficient or ineffective.
  2. The Director of Access Services or designee shall investigate the appeal and will issue a written response to the appeal.  The written response shall ordinarily be issued within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the written appeal.  Circumstances that may prolong the written response may include quarter breaks, holidays, or other such circumstances, which may render persons unavailable for interview.
  3. The decision of the Director of Access Services or designee is the final decision of the institution.

By submitting a written appeal, the student grants the Director of Access Services or designee and other appropriate individuals in connection to this appeal access to his or her DSS file.  The DSS file contains disability documentation and other written information concerning the student’s disability, academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and other relevant disability, academic, and personal information.