Personal and Mental Health Counseling

Personal and Mental Health Counseling help students succeed in school. Counseling is free to registered students and is confidential. Counselors at Clark College focus on short term counseling and therapy to help overcome obstacles to student success. Brief solution- focused interventions help students focus on their strengths, and solve problems.

Counselors at Clark are required to have a minimum of a master's degree in counseling psychology or a related field. Some counselors have additional training and are licensed mental health counselors. To be eligible for a license, counselors must have completed a minimum of two years post master's clinical work under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional and pass a state or national exam. Licensed counselors are able to provide a full range of mental health services including assessment and diagnosis, psychotherapy, treatment planning, brief solution focused therapy, psycho-educational and preventive programs, and crisis management. Counselors are not able to prescribe medication. Students needing medication for depression or anxiety are referred to Health Services. To make an appointment for Personal or Mental Health Counseling call:
Counselors are available when classes are in session. There is limited availability during breaks.