Student Accounts

Network ID
Logins Are Required For All Computers

To Logon to a Computer You Need a: Username: Examples of User names:
Name Username
Joe Smyth j.smyth
Cindy Champion c.champion2
Sandy Lee s.lee

Note: For some common names, the new convention will result in duplicate e-mail addresses and usernames. Duplicate e-mail addresses and usernames will be resolved using a numeric suffix after the e-mail address/username (e.g., Because numeric suffixes will be applied in some cases, it is not possible to predict the e-mail address/username with certainty. To solve this problem, we have created a web page where students can look up their e-mail address/username.

  1. Go to the Clark College Web site at and click on the Current Students tab at the top of the page.
  2. Enter your Student Identification (SID) number and global PIN in the boxes provided and click on the Login button.
  3. After logging in, your new e-mail address and lab account username will be displayed at the top of the page.
  4. Click on the Password Change button.
  5. Select whether the password change is to be applied to e-mail, lab account, or both.
  6. Enter and confirm the desired password.

Potential problems that may occur:
Problem: I don't know either my SID or global PIN.
This information was provided by Registration in writing to you upon enrolling at the College. If you cannot locate this information, you must go to Registration and provide a photo ID before Registration staff can release this information. SID and/or global PIN cannot be divulged to you over the telephone or by e-mail.

Problem: I know my SID but I can't remember my global PIN.
Solution: Lab assistants can access your e-mail address/username provided that you know your SID. You may be required to create a new password. As an alternative, you can go to Registration with photo ID to get your global PIN. This information cannot be divulged to you over the telephone or by e-mail.

Note - Passwords must be at least eight (8) characters long and include one special character. Examples of special character are: !, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), ?, <,> and ".

Don't Forget To Log Off!
To log off, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, Select Log off, Click OK

If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail or see a Lab Assistant.