What is Academic Early Warning?

AEW is a resource that enables instructors to communicate with their students about any behaviors that are interfering with the student's success in their class.

Do I need to do anything to sign up?

No. Your instructors can make a report any time from the beginning of week three to the middle of week seven; you don't have to do anything. If they have any concerns about your performance and choose to use AEW, you will receive an email naming their concerns and encouraging you to see them and use the resources available to you on campus.

Will all my instructors use AEW?

We introduced this service during fall quarter of 2009, and not all instructors are using it yet. We hope that more and more faculty will use it over time. Students remain responsible for keeping track of how they are doing in their courses whether or not a faculty member sends them an AEW email.

What are the academic behaviors they will report on?

Instructors may choose as many of the following as apply: Excessive Absenteeism, Low Test/Assignment Scores, Missing Assignments, Inadequately Prepared and Lack of Participation. The report won't affect your grade and your instructor might offer helpful comments.

What does the AEW email look like?

Please click here to see an AEW sample email.

What do I do if I get an AEW email?

Consider contacting the instructor so you can discuss difficulties you might be experiencing in the course. Also, there are services available to help you find success at Clark College. Please review these resources on the AEW home page.

Am I in trouble with the college or financial aid if I get one of these emails?

No. Receiving an AEW email does not automatically impact your official standing with the college or financial aid. Its purpose is to give you an opportunity to address the concerns named in the email before you are at risk jeopardizing your standing with Financial Aid or losing your good academic standing. For more information about the Academic Standards Policy, please go to the Academic Standards page.