AEW - Assistance with Personal Difficulties

Counseling and Health Center

The Counseling Center provides personal, educational and career counseling at no charge to currently enrolled students. Counselors can help students identify interests and abilities, explore educational options, minimize obstacles to success, handle personal concerns, deal with anxiety and fears, cope with stress, manage test anxiety and increase assertiveness. Counseling is available by appointment.
Location: Health Sciences Building, Room 124
Phone: 360-992-2614

The Health Center provides many low-cost services to students, with an emphasis on prevention, self-care and early intervention. Student resources include a self-care area, health education, health exams for HEOC programs and sports programs, primary care and counseling/mental health care.
Location: Health Sciences Building, Room 124
Phone: 360-992-2264

Student Success Workshops

Student Success Workshops are offered quarterly. Topics include: Test-Taking Tips, Stress Management, Reading for College Success, Test Anxiety, Time Management, Note Taking for College Success, Career Exploration and more. A schedule is available online at:

Location: Varies, see schedules
Phone: 360-992-2155