Exceptional Faculty Awards 2013-2014

I nominate for consideration as a candidate for an exceptional faculty award.

Please provide a statement describing examples of excellence in the criteria sections listed below that are applicable to your nominee; it is not required that all sections be completed. However, forms without specific examples will not be considered.

Nominees will be evaluated entirely on the basis of the information submitted on the nomination form, so please be as specific as possible. The strength of your nomination will greatly impact the likelihood of your nominee receiving the award.

This instructor has demonstrated Exemplary Teaching Performance in the following ways:
(Give specific examples of enriching the classroom with subject knowledge, experience and/or enthusiasm. Other areas of excellent college teaching could include clarity, student involvement, creativity, student empathy, and constantly striving to find effective ways to teach the subject.)

This instructor has demonstrated a Positive Impact on Students in the following ways:

(Give specific examples of superior mentoring, advising, service and/or direct impact upon student achievement. Other areas of excellence could include devoting time to students outside the classroom and methods that enhance understanding or accommodate all learning styles.)

Submitted by:

Nominees will be asked to provide supplemental classroom (or sample instructional) materials to the Exceptional Faculty Awards Committee to aid the selection process.

Please submit this form electronically by May 30, 2014.

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