Exceptional Faculty Awards 2013 -2014

The Exceptional Faculty Awards Committee accepts nominations for awards each spring.

Nominations may be submitted by Clark College students, faculty, classified employees, administrators, alumni, Board members, and Foundation Directors. To verify eligibility of nominee, you may contact Darcy Rourk at 992-2325 before completing the nomination form.

To be eligible, the faculty member must be a full or part-time instructor, counselor, librarian, or department head employed at Clark. A recipient of the award will not be eligible to receive another award for a period of four (4) years. Previous award winners not eligible for nomination: Mark Bolke, Sunnie Elhart-Johnson, Carson Legree, Felipe Montoya, Julian Nelson, Dr. Marcia Roi, Ann Snyder, Laura Demeri, Kimberly Karaman, Nadine Fattaleh, Anita Fisher, Karen Swallow, Katherine Sadler, Priscila Martins-Read and Lisa Staley.

The awards are intended to be used by the recipients for in-service training including travel, tuition and books, and/or attendance at professional development classes; replacement costs associated with professional development; publication and documentation of exemplary projects; to pay expenses associated with the holder's program area as designated by the recipient; and travel that is related to the recipient's individual intellectual and/or professional development; or to make a one-time supplement to the salary of the holder.

Selection Criteria

Exemplary Teaching Performance Enriching the classroom with knowledge, experience, and vitality; demonstrating to a superior degree the characteristics of good college teaching: knowledge of subject, enthusiasm, clarity of presentation, ability to involve students, creativity, and student empathy. Achieve high ratings for teaching. Constantly strives to find effective ways to teach the subject.

Positive Impact on Students Being a mentor to students and/or an exemplary advisor/counselor. Providing service and special assistance to students. Direct impact upon and involvement with students. Specialized individual tutoring and instruction or promotion of methods that enhance a student's understanding of and enthusiasm for the course material. Ability to accommodate varying learning rates or capabilities. Generates excitement for learning.