Science Olympiad Sign_up

Science Olympiad - State Tournament April 13, 2013

Sign Up and Impound Times

Sign up times for building events will take place online in advance of the tournament.  Team coaches will be provided information about how to access the signup system via e-mail.  Please be sure to confirm you e-mail address to the tournament director or assistant director by March 25th.

Any changes or additional signups after the online system closes on April 10th will have to be made 7:00-8:15 AM on tournament day in the lobby of SHL.  After 8:15, the schedules will be delivered to the events rooms where teams may continue to signup or resolve conflicts at the discretion and under the supervision of the event supervisors.  The exception to this is Boomilever B & C whose schedule will be delivered at 7:30 to the event room.

General sign up and impound times can be found here (pdf) - posted 3/22/13


B Sign Up Times (pdf) - posted 4/11/13

C Sign Up Times (pdf) - posted 4/11/13