Science Olympiad - State Tournament April 13, 2013

Event Questions and Clarifications

Before sending a question to the state tournament director or assistant director, please carefully review these National Science Olympiad pages.

NSO Rules clarifications

NSO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)  please note - this page in particular covers many clarifications and questions regarding events

For the WA State Tournament, here are some event details and clarificatons:

Helicopters B and Glider C:  The main gym in O'Connell Sports Center ceiling height is ~25 feet.
Here is a picture of the gym and ceiling (facing north).

Boomilvers B and C: > mandatory impounds from 7:30-8:30 AM in APH 201

Mission Possible B: Unless NSO disqualifies it, ball bearings will be accepted as a granular material if they are each smaller than 5 mm in diameter.   A question has been submitted to NSO FAQ's, but as of 3/22/13 a response has not been received.

Update! The following response was recieved from NSO on 4/8/13 regarding granualr material for Mission Possible B:

"Granular material is any conglomeration of discrete objects that lose energy when hitting one another. Examples include sand, sugar, ball bearings, popcorn kernels, etc."

Keep the Heat B and Thermodynamics C: Aluminum foil is allowed as part of your device. Aluminum foil as part of commercial insulating material will not be allowed because commercial insulation (which includes foam with aluminum covering) is not allowed per the rules.

Manufactured and/or molded plastic containers  - if the plastic has any thickness beyond what is needed for containment, it will be considered "foam insulation" and not allowable.  This is difficult to quantify and will be a judgment call by the judge/event supervisor on the day of the tournament.

Rotor Egg Drop B: Section 3 e of the rules states (our emphasis): "The entire device, including the cup in flying configuration, must fit into a 51 cm x 51 cm x 51 cm cube." The event supervisor expects the full length of the rotor to be in the configuration that it will fly in, and it must fit the dimensional requirements of the rules above without bending. Touching the box will not result in being demoted to tier 2, only if it causes change to the configuration.  The cube or box will be constructed of wood.

Disease Detectives C: Competitors should bring a basic non-programmable and non-graphing calculator to the test.