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Clark College Exceptional Faculty Awards

Nadine Fattaleh Dr. Anita Fisher Karen Swallow

Left to right:  Nadine Fattaleh, Dr. Anita Fisher
and Karen Swallow: Clark College's 2009-2010
Exceptional Faculty Award honorees

Clark's faculty members are a vital asset not only to students but to the community at large. The Foundation is committed to continue to provide faculty with ongoing incentives and recognition to enhance their skills and broaden their horizons through the college's annual Exceptional Faculty Awards Program.

Clark College Foundation President Lisa Gibert (left) and interim College President Bob Knight congratulate 2006 Exceptional Faculty honoree Brenda Knutson.
Clark College Foundation President Lisa Gibert (left) and Clark College President Bob Knight congratulate 2006 Exceptional Faculty honoree Brenda Knutson.

The concept for the Exceptional Faculty Awards program was created by the 1990 Washington State legislature to recognize and encourage excellence in Washington community and technical colleges by creating an endowed trust fund for funding these programs.  State funds are matched by Clark College Foundation donor-designated and unrestricted funds to maintain and grow this endowment.

The Exceptional Faculty Endowment Fund was established in 1993 to provide recognition of exemplary work performance, positive impact on students, professional commitment, and other contributions to the college. The awards are given to two full-time faculty and one part-time faculty each year. Nominations can be submitted by Clark College students, faculty, classified employees, administrators, alumni, Board members, and Foundation directors.

Seventy-five percent of the balance of the funds is used to support requests from full-time faculty and adjunct faculty for mini-sabbaticals, which provide opportunities for faculty to achieve excellence in a broad-based manner, opening up greater opportunities for professional development.

We are proud to honor the Clark College full-time and part-time faculty members who have received this prestigious award.

Exceptional Faculty Award Recipients (Full-Time)

2009-2010 Nadine Fattaleh Chemistry
  Dr. Anita Fisher History
2008-2009 Priscila Martins-Read English as a Non-Native Language
  Dr. Katherine Sadler History
2007-2008 Dr. Willy Cushwa Biology
  Nancy Johnson Business Technology
2006-2007 Dr. Marylynne Diggs English
  David Kosloski Communications Studies

Brenda Knutson

Dental Hygiene

Chris Milner

2004-2005 John Clausen Medical Office Programs
  Richard Shamrell Physics
2003-2004 Jeanie Barkett Pharmacy Tech
  Gene Johnson Business
2002-2003 Randy Givens Nursing
  Charlene Montierth Geology
  Herb Orange Agriculture/Horticulture
  Roxane Sutherland Communications
2001-2002 Linda King Business Technology
  Shoshanna Porter Electronics Technology
2000-2001 Harriet Levi Women's Studies
  Paul Casillas Mathematics
Kathy Bobula
Early Childhood Education & Psychology
  Dr. Willy Cushwa Biology
  Gail Robinson English
  Pete Rux Computer Science
1998-1999 Nancy Billingsley Education
  Donna Loper Graphics Communication
  John Martin Biology
1997-1998 Del Blackburn Biology
  Larry Mains Culinary Arts
1996-1997 John Lundy Anthropology and Forensic Science
  Gaydena Thompson Physical Education
1995-1996 Larry Easter Psychology
  Nancy Johnson Business Technology
1994-1995 Paul Aldinger Political Science
  Doug Morrison Business
1993-1994 Laurie Cornelius Early Childhood Education
  Wayne Colony Geology

Exceptional Faculty Award Recipients (Part-Time)

2009-2010 Karen Swallow English as a Second Language (ESL)
2008-2009 Lisa Staley Art
2007-2008 Larry Blakely English
2006-2007 April Duvic Music

Beth Heron

Metal Arts
2004-2005 Jean Watson Health Occupations
2003-2004 Erik Anderson Athletics
2002-2003 Rob Johnson Chemistry
2001-2002 April Duvic Music
2000-2001 Anita Lundy Adult Basic Education
1999-2000 Kathy McLean Mathematics
1998-1999 Sue Orlowski Nursing
1997-1998 Carol Beima Adult Basic Education
1996-1997 Dorothy Durkee Business Technology
1995-1996 Shirley Sackman English
1994-1995 Sam Kelly Political Science
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