In Oracle, Marie Sivak, Patrick Kelly, and Susie J. Lee have each created a sense of mystery in their respective works. Although physically real and tangible, the works evoke a sense of otherness.

Exquisite alabaster sculptures are the focus of Marie Sivak's installation. Both weighty and delicate, the sculptures are surrounded by a gossamer network of nylon tubes that seem to float above and around, while soft flickering video images play against the matte white surfaces.

Patrick Kelly's drawings have a powerful dimensionality that is constantly in flux.  In Kelly's drawings heavy graphic lines are repeated endlessly.  The light cast on the planar and curved surfaces built by Kelly's graphite lines reveals each of these surfaces in sequence as the viewers point of view shifts.

Filmed in a nursing home, Susie J Lee's intimate video portraits ask us to consider "the act of living and dying simultaneously all the time." (Jen Graves, the Stranger, 2010) But what messages do these oracles foretell? Ah, the mirror is clouding over.



Patrick Kelly

Susie J. Lee

Marie Sivak

FEBRUARY 20 - MARCH 16, 2013


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