Archer Gallery presents Indweller, video works by Victoria Fu, Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, Noelle Mason, and Lilly McElroy.  In each of these works, the bodies are used in a predetermined way within the space of the setting and the frame.  The female figures are choreographed or set to a limited structure of movement, rather than used as character explorations.   Through controlled gestures, constructed cinematic structures, and suspended moments in time and space, the figures become inseparable from the setting within the video, existing to complete the imagined world of the artist.

In Victoria Fu’s (Brooklyn, New York) Portmanteau, female figures inhabit vast landscapes that are doubled to interrupt the viewer’s expectations of time and space.  The Pink Room by Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli (San Diego, California) creates a pink, flat background for the figures to inhabit, suspending time and identity in an exploration of female representation in cinema. Noelle Mason’s (Chicago, Illinois) Bob and Weave displays a viewpoint behind an anonymous male back and head.  The female character engages in a boxing match, only becoming visible as she forces the male to move to the side, avoiding a hit.  In The Square - After Roberto Lopardo by Lilly McElroy (Brooklyn, New York) , the main female figure draws and defends a square on a busy sidewalk.  Literally, physically, and somewhat comically, her body is used as a wall to force people to walk around her imagined space.

Special thanks to the artists, Avantika Bawa, Jessica Bromer, Craig Drennen, Katherine Shell, the Associate Students of Clark College, and the Clark College Art Department.

- Blake Shell, Archer Gallery Director

Victoria Fu Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli
Noelle Mason Lilly McElroy

Feb 22- Mar 18, 2011

Reception: Sat Mar 12, 6-8pm