Archer Gallery is pleased to present a 3-person exhibition titled "Construct". David Corbett, Josh Smith, and Jordan Tull use the language of architecture and engineering to create 2-dimensional and 3- dimensional work. Their use of this language is Post-modern in approach, as each artist constructs a “particular and personal reality” in his art. (PBS, Faith and Reason, Glossary)

Essential to each constructed reality is a continual conversation between the artist’s 2- dimensional and 3- dimensional practices. This exhibit is an exploration of that conversation.

Josh Smith’s sculptural work is an exploration of modernist architectural method and craft that is elegantly subversive. In Smith’s digital collages architectural elements interact with but ultimately disrupt the landscape. Smith’s 2-D and 3- D work shares refined craftsmanship and careful intelligence, as well as, startling junctures where the form appeared to be turned inside out and solidity dissolves.

In David Corbett’s thickly painted sculptures, lines “intersect at haphazard, skewed angles”. (The Oregonian, Oct. 2010) Their effect is eerie and unsettling.  Are we seeing the ruins of an earlier age? Is a human presence entrapped in the work? In contrast, Corbett’s drawings are less emotionally fraught. Here the intersecting lines explore the formal qualities of spatial relationships. Several of Corbett’s new pieces in "Construct" marry 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional elements. These conversations in these ‘marriages’ are intimate and intense.

Jordan Tull presents 3-dimensional prints in Construct, a first for Jordan and the Archer Gallery. Tull's printed and fabricated 3D hybrids convey the tension between imagination and reality through the lens of ultra-modernity. Complimenting these fabrications by highlighting the origin of the printed matter - large format 2D prints explore the perceptual events that occur in Tull's computer aided drafting programs. Digital animation of Tull's 3-dimensional models will be viewable on LCD display.

In honor of the Archer Gallery's 35th  Anniversary, a small sampling of assemblages by gallery founder, James Archer' will be on display.   Archer's sculptures speak the language of Architecture with a moderist voice, providing a moderist counterpoint and historical perpective to the work done by Corbett, Smith, amd Tull.


David Corbett

Josh Smith

Jordan Tull

James Archer

APRIL 9 - MAY 2, 2013


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