Archer Gallery presents Plazm: 20 Years of Art and Design, an exhibition of the inestimably influential art magazine as well as the design that has supported its lasting production. Locally, Plazm has great significance in inspiring many artists, designers, writers, and others, as well as producing opportunities and connections for this community. Internationally, it is known for innovative design, art, and writing.

Each issue of Plazm has a curated vision, and Joshua Berger, the Creative Director and one of the initial Co-Founders, has overseen innovative and politically engaged articles and numerous projects. Plazm began as a collaborative creative resource but has been expanded and refined to become much more. Plazm represents both the exploratory spirit of the Pacific Northwest as well as its continued trajectory as a high profile cultural force.

November 8- December 10, 2011
Closing Reception: Saturday December 10th, 6-8pm

Clark Art Talk by Joshua Berger: November 15th, 7pm, Penguin Union Building 161