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February 19, 2009

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Interculturalist Sue Shinomiya will be the guest presenter
at Clark College’s Mental Health Monday discussion
on Monday, February 23

VANCOUVER, Wash. –  Quick, what’s the time difference in Bangalore? What is the appropriate gift to bring to my host family in Japan? How can I motivate my global class or team to collaborate on this project?

Sue Shinomiya (formerly Kallenbach) of Business Passport in Portland, Oregon USA, has tackled these issues and many more in her nearly 25 year career as an interculturalist. On Monday, February 23, she’ll lead a discussion on “Crossing Cultural Boundaries” at Clark College. 

The session, which is free and open to the public, is part of the college’s Mental Health Mondays series.  It will take place from noon to 1 p.m. in the Penguin Student Lounge, located in the college’s Penguin Union Building.  Clark College is located at 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver.   Parking maps and directions are available on the Clark Web site at

During her discussion, Shinomiya will introduce key cultural concepts and tools, including the Cultural Iceberg Model and the IDI analytical tool, which helps individuals understand cultural difference.  Shinomiya will address the progression from denial of difference to adaptability and integration. The discussion will also include:  “What is the Platinum Rule, and how is it different from the Golden Rule?”

Shinomiya said, “These topics are of great importance in our increasingly multi-cultural campuses, neighborhoods and work places. Intercultural and global diversity competency is quickly becoming a must-have skill set for the 21st century.”

The “Mental Health Mondays” sessions are sponsored by the Clark College Counseling Center.  For additional information, call 360-992-2902.

About Sue Shinomiya MBA, President of Business Passport, Portland, Oregon, USA

Sue ShinamiyaSue Shinomiya (formerly Kallenbach), is a consultant, corporate trainer, coach, author, webinar leader and entrepreneur specializing in global business effectiveness for corporations and individuals. Her 20 plus years in the intercultural field have included nine years working and living in Japan, and nearly six years on-site at Intel Japan. She began her Japanese language studies in junior high school and speaks the language fluently.  She has also studied Mandarin Chinese.

Shinomiya is a guest instructor for PSU’s International Special Programs. Her business clients include Intel, Nike, Microsoft, The Gap, HP, Proctor and Gamble, NEC, Hitachi, Starbucks, Toyota, Cisco Systems and FedEx. She is currently a Board Member of SIETAR USA, has certification in Global Workforce Diversity and IDI administration, and has attended no fewer than eight of the last 11 Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication programs in Portland.

Sue Shinomiya is the co-author of Business Passport to Japan: Updated and Revised, (2008) which she has described as “an essential guide for anyone doing business in Japan.”



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