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May 29, 2009

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Lisa Gibert, Clark College Foundation

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Carmen Villarma Greg Wallace
Carmen Villarma (left) and Greg Wallace have been appointed to the board of the Clark College Foundation.

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Two Clark County business professionals have been appointed to the board of the Clark College Foundation. Carmen Villarma and Greg Wallace will each serve a three-year term on the Foundation Board of Directors. 

Carmen Villarma is president of the Vancouver-based business, The Management Group Inc. (TMG). She founded TMG with two employees in 1985. Today, the property management and real estate firm has offices in Vancouver, Portland, and Kennewick.

Greg Wallace recently formed Mirus LLC, a strategic sales and marketing consulting business for high technology companies. He is also a general partner in a newly formed private equity firm based in Vancouver. Wallace retired from Hewlett Packard after serving 22 years in a variety of leadership positions.

"The addition of these new board members strengthens the backgrounds and experiences of our foundation board,” said Bruce Davidson, chair of the foundation board. “Carmen Villarma is well known for her community activities and involvement. She is also respected for her entrepreneurial business skills and knowledge of the real estate industry. Greg Wallace brings a wealth of corporate management, marketing, and investment experience to the board.”

Established in 1973, the Clark College Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt public charity. It serves as the fundraising arm of Clark College to support student access to educational programs and services.

“The work of the foundation provides the educational edge for our students and our community,” said Lisa Gibert, president and CEO of the Clark College Foundation. “Carmen and Greg will actively participate in the foundation’s mission to make educational opportunities available to everyone who seeks them. They will also increase awareness between the gap in public funding and the financial support for college programs to meet the economic needs of Southwest Washington.”



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