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November 7, 2007
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The new grant will provide customized training for
25 personnel from Clark County’s largest healthcare provider.

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Clark College’s Corporate Education unit has been awarded a $31,000 Job Skills Program (JSP) grant to provide customized training for Southwest Washington Medical Center. The grant will provide training for 25 SWMC directors, managers and supervisors on the topics of lean healthcare, train the trainer and leading change.

"Our healthcare team is committed to providing excellent and efficient healthcare.  By using what are called 'lean healthcare principles,’ we have been able to focus more time on direct patient care as well as getting patients through the system more quickly," said Dana Webb, director of Care Management & Continuous Improvement at Southwest Washington Medical Center. 
Using lean healthcare principles, healthcare providers look for ways to streamline their business operations and enhance patient care. Webb said the medical center had already implemented a number of lean healthcare principles.

“Our outpatient laboratory service would get backed up during busy times, causing extended wait times. By using lean healthcare principles, we have been able to combine and minimize the required paperwork,” said Webb. “In addition, our new team process has reduced the patient's entire stay in our outpatient lab -- including wait time -- to less than 20 minutes.”  

Webb added, “By reducing or eliminating wasted time, money and energy, we become more efficient, effective and responsive to our patients’ needs. We’re looking forward to working with Clark College on this training to streamline even more of our work systems.  Our goal is to spend less time on paperwork and processes and more time with our patients.  We know that’s what our patients want.  It’s what we want too.”
According to Todd Oldham, Executive Director of Corporate and Continuing Education, "This latest grant follows an effort that the college is pursuing in expanding its training and instructional programs that are available to support the workforce development needs of healthcare organizations throughout Southwest Washington.”
Oldham noted that workforce development is "one of Clark’s six mission imperatives.” This latest award brings the total amount of JSP dollars awarded to Clark since July 2007 to $276,000. Oldham added, “This translates into Clark having successfully competed to secure just over 10% of the $2,700,000 total that was available to Washington State’s community and technical colleges in the first year of the biennium.”
The Job Skills Program (JSP) is a commitment by the state of Washington to extend its education and training resources so that Washington employers will be provided with a well-trained and skilled workforce. Through dollar-for-dollar matching grants, the Job Skills Program (JSP) funds industry-education partnerships to deliver customized, short-term and job-specific training. The program supports skill training or education that is separate from and in addition to existing workforce education programs. Each year, the 34 community and technical colleges within Washington compete for the available funds.


EDITORS’ NOTE:  The following training terms are mentioned in the above release. 

Lean Healthcare
Lean Healthcare is a methodology that is driven by what is valued by the customer, identifies waste, standardizes processes and the physical environment, and encourages a culture of continuous improvement or “Kaizen.” This process of continuous improvement over time will increase the skills of the workforce in making workflow more efficient and more thoughtful as to the minimization of wasteful steps and unneeded procedures.
Train the Trainer
Participants learn how to present and communicate topics to adult audiences. Training includes adult learning styles, cultural and generational differences as they relate to learning and the art of giving effective feedback and conducting evaluations.
Leading Change
Participants learn how to introduce a change initiative and lead discussions with employees to explore how best to implement the changes and help others overcome their resistance to change. These skills enhance a leader's ability to minimize the potentially negative effects of change on morale, processes, and productivity.

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