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October 24, 2007
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Clark College’s Communications and Marketing Department
earns top honors from District VII
of the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- For their work in publications and design, Clark College communications specialists have been honored by District VII of the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR).  In the district’s 2007 competition, Clark College won two gold medallions and one bronze medallion.

The NCMPR Medallion Awards competition recognizes outstanding publications, advertising, and promotional campaigns created by college relations professionals from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the Yukon Territory. The district includes more than 70 community and technical colleges and university colleges (Canada).  The awards were presented during the District VII annual conference in Seattle on Oct. 18. 

The Clark College Communications and Marketing Department received gold medallion awards for the college’s 2006 annual report and the new college logo.  The college’s new adult student viewbook received a bronze medallion. 

“Connecting with Our Community,” the college’s 2006 annual report, was a joint project of Clark College and the Clark College Foundation.  The adult student viewbook, “Possibilities,” was created by representatives of the Communications and Marketing department and Student Affairs. 

The projects reflected work done by staffers including graphic designer Pat McDonald, who created the college’s new “bright future” logo, graphic designer Wei Zhuang, photographer Ian Beckett, Communications Specialist Erica Schwenneker, and Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Barbara Kerr.   Associate Directors of Student Recruitment Dan Overbay and Jennifer Reeves of Clark College Student Affairs contributed to the adult student viewbook.  Clark College Foundation contributors to the annual report included President Lisa Gibert, Vice President of Development Ara Serjoie, Chief Financial Officer Barbara Chen and Special Projects Manager Shirley Schwartz. 

Clark College President Robert K. Knight said,All of these projects were created to celebrate our students, faculty and staff and our college as whole, as well as our role in the community.   This is a terrific accomplishment – for our Communications and Marketing department and for Clark College.”

Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Barbara Kerr noted, “There were 168 entries this year in the regional NCMPR competition.  It’s always wonderful when your work is acknowledged by your peers – especially in what the organizers called the most competitive field in regional NCMPR history.”  Kerr added, “In the past four years, members of the Clark College Communications and Marketing department have won 23 regional and national awards for their work.  That's a tribute to their talent and hard work and to the college for supporting us.”

NCMPR is the only organization of its kind, exclusively representing marketing and public relations professionals at community and technical colleges. As one of the fastest-growing affiliates of the American Association of Community Colleges, NCMPR has more than 1,500 members from nearly 600 colleges across the United States, Canada and other countries.



The following projects were honored by NCMPR District VII.   

Category:  Annual Report
"Connecting to Our Community:  2006 Report to the Community
Gold Medallion

Description:  Clark College and the Clark College Foundation joined together to produce “Connecting with Our Community,” Clark College’s 2006 annual report.  Beyond capturing the facts that one would expect in an annual report, the publication was designed to celebrate the people, events and accomplishments of the college and its impact on students, businesses and the community (in keeping with the college’s vision and its emphasis on regional leadership).  The beautiful design compliments the college’s new overall design look and inspires pride in Clark College, which has been a vibrant part of the Southwest Washington community for nearly 75 years. 

Judges’ comments:  “Clark College’s 2006 annual report, “Connecting with Our Community,” achieves their design objectives of simplicity and elegancy and creates a visually and attractive annual report…the colors used are exciting and energetic.”

Category:  Logo Design
Clark College “Bright Future” Logo
Gold Medallion

Clark College "bright future" logoDescription:  Simply put, a good logo design reflects an institution’s identity and can play an important role in an institution’s success.  Internally, a unified image helps to build loyalty among our faculty, staff, and students. Externally, a unified image can enhance the reputation of the college and our many departments and units.   The former college logo was more than 20 years old.  In design terms, it was dated and there were long-standing reproduction issues.  The new “bright future” logo relates to the college’s mission, depicts important college landmarks, references the college’s proud history (est. 1933) and ties to a bright future.  

Judges’ comments:  “The ‘Bright Future’ theme was carried out through the sunburst behind the school and the less modern typeface communicated the message that the school has been around for a long time.” 

Category:  Viewbook
Clark College “Possibilities” Adult Student Viewbook
Bronze Medallion

Description:  Possibilities,” the college’s new adult student viewbook, was created to encourage adult learners to begin, expand or continue their education at Clark College.  The viewbook not only provides adult learners with basic college information (including an admissions application), it also highlights stories from students, faculty and staff, showcasing student success.  It also provides a perspective from local employers as to why they value Clark College graduates.  In short, the viewbook is a glimpse of the endless possibilities available to Clark College students. 

Judges’ comments:  “Like the testimonial profiles, especially from employers....I enjoyed the content….Good use of current colors…unique!”

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