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November 30, 2006
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PHOENIX, the student art and literary magazine of Clark College,
has been honored by the American Scholastic Press Association

VANCOUVER, Wash. – For the second time in as many months, PHOENIX, the student art and literary magazine of Clark College, has received a national award for excellence.
Cover of 2006 "Phoenix"

The 2006 PHOENIX received a first place with special merit award in the annual magazine competition of the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA).  In their message to the college, the ASPA wrote, “Your magazine shows the efforts of talented and creative editors, writers, artists, photographers, layout designers, staff members and advisors.  ASPA congratulates all on your first place with special merit award!”

Dr. Rita Carey, Professor of English, is the Literary Advisor to the PHOENIX staff.  Dr. Carey noted,Our category includes community colleges across the nation with enrollments of more than 2500 students.  Six colleges won ‘First Place with Special Merit’ and we were one of these six colleges nationwide.  It's a very prestigious award, because so many colleges enter the competition.”  

Dr. Carey added that this is the second time in two years that the PHOENIX has received this honor.  The 2004 edition of PHOENIX also received first place with special merit honors in the ASPA competition.

In October, the PHOENIX STAFF learned that they had earned second place honors in the Pacific-Western Division of the national Community College Humanities Association's Literary Magazine Competition.  The Community College Humanities Association is the only national organization that exclusively serves to strengthen the humanities in the nation's community colleges. 

Dr. Carey observed, “The 2006 PHOENIX Staff worked so carefully and so diligently to produce a beautiful literary and art magazine representing work completed solely by the students of Clark College.  In the 2006 PHOENIX, once again, our students display their distinctive and unique creative talents, and we are incredibly proud of them.”

Kathrena Halsinger, Professor of Art at Clark College, is the Art Advisor to the PHOENIX staff.  Halsinger observed, "It is so gratifying to receive recognition from CCHA after all the hard work that I know went into this project. The students really put their heart and souls into the creation of the original works of art and literature and I think the staff did a very professional job of showcasing the talent here at Clark. It takes the whole Clark community to support this program and I'd personally like to thank all of those on campus from the instructors who encourage their students, to the many administrative staff that help in our efforts to put it together."

Carey and Halsinger praised the work done by the PHOENIX staff, including business manager Daniel Borgen, graphics assistant Anne Carpenter, literary editor Shane Cone, photographer editor Mary Hammond and graphics editor Kindra Kepler. 

PHOENIX, which has also earned awards from the Washington Community and Technical Colleges Humanities Association, is funded by the Associated Students at Clark College (ASCC) to encourage the creative efforts of Clark College students.  Flat art work, photographs of three-dimensional work, poetry, and prose are all considered for publication.   The 2006 Phoenix is available on the Clark College Web site.

Information about the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA) is available on their Web site


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