Clark's 75th anniversary celebration:  Our planning committee

A vibrant group of students, faculty and staff members are serving on the college's 75th anniversary planning committee.

Nancy Abel Production Printing
Kathy Chatfield eLearning
Kay Cooke Clark College Foundation

Narek Daniyelyan

Student Ambassador
Nancy Johnson Business Technology
May Jolly Clark College Bookstore
Jennifer Lea Business Programs
John Marshall Clark College Alumni Association Board
Barbara Miller Office of Instruction
Julian Nelson Foreign Languages
Cindi Olson Student Affairs
Tracy Reilly Kelly

Corporate and Continuing Education

Patti Serrano Business Administration
Ara Serjoie Clark College Foundation
Linda Tuve Accounting Services
Vanessa Watkins Admissions
Carrie Weikel-Delaplane Student Life & Multicultural Student Affairs

Community Events Manager Michelle Golder and Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Barbara Kerr serve as consultants to the planning committee.