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Students gather in the O'Connell gym for Professional-Technical DayOn Friday February 29, over 325 high school students from 13 area high schools visited Clark College to learn about a variety of the college's professional and technical programs. 

The students came from 13 areas high schools including Vancouver's Hudson Bay High School, Stevenson High School and Portland's Grant High School.

Dean of Business and Technology Ted Kotsakis welcomed the students and encouraged them to take advantage of the day, to learn and to ask questions.  He also encouraged them to define success as whatever will make them happy and to continue to pursue education beyond high school.

Camas High School career counselor Suzie Downs echoes the importance of Professional-Technical Day for her students. “[Professional-Technical Day is] another way to expose kids to other ways of getting an education,” she said.

Computer Technology Professors Bob Hughes (center) and Data Networks & Telecommunications Professor Dwight Hughes (right) reach out to students.Students had a chance to hear presentations and demonstrations from two different professional or technical programs during the event. 

Faculty members and advisors were on hand to lead the sessions, allowing students to ask questions and get a firsthand look at programs as diverse as automotive technology, paralegal studies, early childhood education, culinary arts, and engineering. 

Director of Admissions and Assessment Sheryl Anderson hosted a hospitality room for teachers, counselors and career center specialists.  It provided an opportunity for them to learn more about the programs that are available at Clark College and allowed members of the college staff to enhance their relationships with the schools' representatives. 

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