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Clark College celebrated the beauty of its historic cherry trees and its partnership with Vancouver's Sister City -- Joyo, Japan -- and the Vancouver Rotary by hosting the 2007 Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Festival on April 16.

Rain from the Pacific Northwest spring couldn't put a damper on the festivities.  Activities include origami (paper folding), tea, cherry dessert, and other activities. 

Left to right:  Director of Continuing Education Tracy Reilly-Kelly; Nadine Robertson, President of the Vancouver Rotary Club; former Vancouver Mayor Bruce Hagensen; and Dr. Rachel Ruiz, Vice President of Student Affairs.

Speakers at the event included Dr. Rachel Ruiz, Vice President of Student Affairs; Bruce Hagensen, former Vancouver Mayor and a member of the Vancouver Rotary Club; and Nadine Robertson, President of the Vancouver Rotary Club.

Dr. Rachel Ruiz noted, "The Japanese have a saying: 'mono no a-wa-rae.' That means 'beauty and sadness of all things.'  This phrase can be symbolically translated by the cherry blossom itself.  Acknowledged as the most beautiful of flowers, it is also short lived." 

Ruiz added, "The cherry blossom reminds us that beauty and life can be fleeting.  It also reminds us all to live fully and celebrate life’s beauty and joys. How fitting that 100 gorgeous flowering cherry trees were planted at Clark College – such a generous and beautiful gift.   At Clark College, we plant the seeds for lifelong learning for students, faculty, staff, and our community.  In doing so, we foster deeper understanding about each other and, we hope, create a better world."

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