Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does Clark College have scholarships for international students?
A: In 2007-2008, our first international student scholarship was awarded. The recipients of the Reza & Mahin Serjoie Scholarship were students from Jordan (2007-08) and Japan (2008-09).
Q: To which 4-year Universities/Colleges do International Students from Clark College transfer?
A: The Most Popular Transfer Schools are Washington State University-Vancouver, Portland State University, University of Portland, and Oregon State University.
Q: How many students attend Clark College?
A: The overall Student Population is about 16,000 with approximately 9,900 full-time students.
Q: How many international students attend Clark College and from which countries?
A: We have 64 International Students, representing a total of 19 countries. As you can see our population is quite diverse, but our numbers are small. This is a great opportunity for you to be able to interact with all students in English and practice your conversation skills.
Q: When is the deadline to apply to Clark College?
A: The deadline to apply is usually two weeks before the quarter begins. Check with International Programs for specific deadline to apply dates for each quarter!