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Waitlist Procedures


The waitlist process allows students to become registered in full classes as seats become available. Students may place themselves on waitlists online when they register for classes through Web Registration. Students may also ask to be placed on a waitlist when they register in person. As seats become available in a full class, students from the waitlist will be automatically enrolled in the class in the order they appear on the waitlist. 




Q:  How will I know if I get registered in a class I am waitlisted for?

A:  As a courtesy, the Registation Office will send an e-mail notification to your Clark College student e-mail address letting you know you have been enrolled in a class for which you were waitlisted; however, you should not rely on this notification alone. Check your waitlist status online through the Current Students page by selecting "Waitlist Inquiry." It is your responsibility to remove yourself from waitlists for classes in which you no longer wish to be enrolled; you can remove yourself from a waitlist by selecting "Waitlist Inquiry."

If you are enrolled through the waitlist process in a class that you do not wish to be enrolled in and do not drop/withdraw prior to the refund deadline, you will still be responsible for the tuition you or other agencies, including Financial Aid, paid on your behalf. You will also be responsible for a failing grade.

Check your registration status online to see if you have been enrolled in a class for which you were waitlisted by logging in to the Current Students page and selecting "Student Schedule." 

Q:  When does the waitlist process end?

A:  The waitlist updates three times daily and ends the Wednesday before the quarter begins. The Registration Office then deletes students' names from the expired waitlists. Check your final Student Schedule through the Current Students page the Thursday before the quarter begins to see whether you were enrolled in a class through the waitlist.

Q:  How does the waitlist work for online (eLearning) classes?

A:  The waitlist process is the same for online courses.

Q:  I didn't get into a class through the waitlist. May I go to the class on its first day?

A:  Yes. You may attend a class on its first day with a Change of Registration Form to ask the instructor if he or she will allow you into the class. If so, he or she will sign the form, which you should then bring to the Registration Office with photo ID to get registered.

Q:  I didn't get into an online class through the waitlist. How can I ask the instructor for permission to register?


A:  You may e-mail an online instructor to ask permission to register in a class. Click on instructors' names in the Class Schedule to get contact information. If the instructor agrees to allow you in the class, he or she must submit to the Registration Department an electronic Instructor Permission Form. Once the instructor tells you he or she has submitted the form, visit the Registration Office with photo ID to register.


Q:  What happens after the waitlist process ends?


A:  After the waitlist process ends, open class seats may be taken on a first come, first served basis through the second day of the quarter. Students may register for open classes either online or in person at the Registration Office with photo ID. Instructors cannot enroll students.

Beginning the third day of the quarter, instructor permission is required to register in any regular-start, online or hybrid class, even if seats are open.


Q:  What if I still need a class to fill my schedule?


A:  Students who are not registered in classes through the waitlist process may ask instructors to allow them into full classes, or may choose alternate open classes. Please visit the Advising Office for assistance in choosing alternate classes if you are unsure of what other courses apply toward the degree or certificate you plan to earn.

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