Financial Literacy

Our Mission

To provide quality training, education, and resources to increase knowledge and awareness about money and money management to help reduce financial stress and increase financial wellness for Clark College students and community members. 

What is Financial Wellness?

Financial Wellness is having an understanding of your financial situation and maintaining balance through any unforeseen changes. Clark College offers one-on-one financial coaching, workshops, and resources to support students on their journey to Financial Wellness. Contact Career Services for more information. 

Student Success Workshops

Financial Resources

Increase your Financial Literacy with SALT!

Clark College has teamed up with Salt® to help our students and alumni manage their money and student loans.  Here’s the best part—we are providing all of Salt’s resources for free and you can and keep it for life!

With SALT you can:



Debt Repayment

Other Resources


It PAYS to be Financially Educated

The first 50 Clark Students to complete the following 3 tasks will receive a $25 gift card to the bookstore! 

Contest starts  January 1, 2017 and ends the final day of Fall Quarter 2017.

1. Attend ONE of the following Financial Student Success Workshops offered this year.

 2. Create an account with SALT and complete the SALT Budgeting Course.

Bring certificate of completion to the financial literacy coach during your third task.

*If you have difficulty accessing this course scroll call 855.469.2724.

3. Bring or create your own personal budget to review with Clark's financial literacy coach in Career Services.

Students may use pen and paper, an excel spreadsheet,, or the budgeting software of their choice to complete this task.

View official contest rules 


Financial Literacy Handouts