College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Clark College grants credit for prior learning for completion of the College Board's College Level Examination (CLEP).  This rigorous program allows students of a wide range of ages and backgrounds to demonstrate their mastery of college-level material in introductory subjects and earn college credit.  Credit will be granted for CLEP tests with a minimum score equivalent. Credits may count toward satisfying distribution requirements for any degree/certificate. Students must submit an official copy of CLEP scores to the Credential Evaluations Office. Upon evaluation of scores, the student will be notified.

Currently recognized CLEP examinations and their direct equivalencies are listed below. Students will be awarded five credits of general electives for each score report received where there is no exam or direct equivalency listed. Each general examination requires a score of 50 or higher; subject level exam scores may vary. Credit is posted with an “S” grade at the end of the quarter for which the score report was received, once a transcript record has been established. No credits will be awarded for an examination if the student has already earned credit in a duplicate course.


Composition and Literature

American Literature - GENERAL ELECTIVE

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature - GENERAL ELECTIVE

College Composition - GENERAL ELECTIVE

English Literature - GENERAL ELECTIVE


Foreign Languages

French Language - Level 1 (50 or higher) - 5 Credits World Language

French Language - Level 2 (59 or higher) - 5 Credits World Language

German Language - Level 1 (50 or higher) - 5 Credits World Language

German Language - Level 2 (60 or higher) - 5 Credits World Language

Spanish Language - Level 1 (50 or higher) - SPAN& 121 and SPAN& 122

Spanish Language - Level 2 (63 or higher) - SPAN& 121, SPAN& 122 and SPAN& 123

History and Social Sciences

American Government - GENERAL ELECTIVE

History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877 - GENERAL ELECTIVE

History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present - GENERAL ELECTIVE

Human Growth and Development - TBD

Introduction to Educational Psychology - TBD

Principles of Macroeconomics - TBD

Principles of Microeconomics - TBD

Introductory Psychology - PSYC& 100

Introductory Sociology - SOC& 101

Western Civilization I: Ancient near East to 1648 - GENERAL ELECTIVE

Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present - GENERAL ELECTIVE

Science and Mathematics

Biology - TBD

Calculus - TBD 

Chemistry - TBD

College Algebra - TBD

College Mathematics - MATH& 107

Pre-calculus - TBD


Financial Accounting - TBD

Information Systems - CTEC 106

Introductory Business Law - TBD

Principles of Management - TBD

Principles of Marketing - BUS 260


CLEP Score Reports

Send an official copy of your CLEP Score Report to:

Clark College
Attn: Credential Evaluations
1933 Fort Vancouver Way
Vancouver, WA  98663

Where to get CLEP scores

CLEP Transcript Service
PO Box 6600
Princeton, NJ 08541-6600
Phone: (609) 771-7865

Testing Facilities

Although Clark accepts CLEP, it is not a testing site. The nearest CLEP testing facility is Mount Hood Community College in Oregon. Please contact them at (503) 491-7591 for information on testing availability and cost.