Assessment Center–Course Placement Options

 Students may utilize several different options to obtain course placement in English, Mathematics and Reading. Learn more about Course Placement Options. Find a short summary of course placements by clicking on each option for more details. 


The COMPASS test is a computer-based assessment for reading, writing and math. Students must apply for admission and pay the $25.00 fee prior to accessing assessment services. Testing is available on a walk-in basis in the Assessment Center.

Placement Reciprocity

A student who qualifies for a specific level of math, English, or reading, either through course completion or local skills assessment, will have that course placement level honored at another Washington CTC if the student so requests, even if the courses may not be exact equivalents. Students who choose to utilize this option must provide a copy (official or unofficial) of their course placement results (score and class level) to the Assessment Center. No other form is required.
Results are valid for one year from the date the test was taken.

Basic Education Students Transitioning to College Level Coursework

Continuing students who are ready to transition from Basic Education coursework into a college level math, reading, and/or English course must complete the COMPASS exam to determine course level. Students will not be charged a test fee so long as it's in the subject area the student is ready to transition.

Returning and Continuing Student Placement (Letter grade in English and/or Math)

Students who have completed a mathematics and/or English course and received a grade of A-F, not W, must continue with the course sequence in that subject area. While their COMPASS scores may have expired, the student does not need to retest. The class the student received a C- or below in would be the starting point.  

Returning and Continuing Student Placement (Received a "W" in previous course)

Returning and/or continuing students who have received a "W" in a mathematics and/or English course and their test scores have expired must retake the COMPASS test area in which they require placement. See fee amounts below.

Returning and Continuing Student Placement with Expired Placement (No Letter Grade in English and/or Math or completed Business or Industrial Math)

Returning students must visit the Admissions office to update their contact and residency information. Students who need to complete two or more areas of COMPASS must also pay the $20.00 application fee. Students who need to complete only one section will be charged the per test fee of $15.00.

If the student has completed a terminal math course they must retake the COMPASS exam. A math retest fee will not be required.
Test name is changed to EXP when scores have expired.

Students who have completed a DVED 021 or DVED 023

Students who have received a grade in DVED 021 or who were not successful in completing DVED 023 must complete a COMPASS retest to determine their math course level. A retest fee will not be charged.

COMPASS Retesting Fee Amounts
  1. If one expired score ⇒ $15
  2. If two or more expired scores ⇒ $20

Students who retest with scores over three years old will be eligible to retest immediately. A three month wait is not required.

CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems)

CASAS is a competency based test that determines placement in CAP (Career and Academic Preparation) coursework (GED & High School 21+), English as a Second Language and the I-Best program. CASAS tests subjects may include: reading, math, listening and speaking. 

An application for admission and payment of the $25.00 admission fee is required prior to accessing assessment services. 

Testing is available on a walk-in basis in the Assessment Center. 

Students will also complete their initial WABERS form at this time. CASAS scores are considered valid for one quarter. 

English Placement