English Readiness Assessment

What Is the Readiness Assessment?

English faculty at Clark College have designed a tool for assessing students and placing them into English composition courses. This tool is the Readiness Assessment and is for any student who has not placed via any of the other 13 placement options that are available. 

Although this assessment requires students to write a formal response to a text, it is not the sort of exam one can pass or fail. It's really about placing students in the right course--the one that will best ensure success in English and other classes and lead to completion of one's education.

In this assessment, students will be asked to do the following:

  1. Read a college-level text
  2. Answer multiple-choice comprehension questions on that text
  3. Write a formal response to that text
  4. Write a self-assessment explaining where students think they should be placed and why
  5. Answer a series of short background questions

For more detailed information about each of the five components above, go to the What to Expect page. Here you also will find:

What do I need to do to get started?

Step 1: Set up your Readiness Assessment Account

Students must have a Readiness Assessment account set up at least one (1) day in advance of starting the prep and learning modules to prepare for the assessment. To set up your account, contact: 

Assessment Center
(360) 992-2588

Enrollment Services
(360) 992-2107


Step 2: Complete Prep and Learning Modules

Students must complete the prep and learning modules in Canvas prior to taking the assessment. Once a student has completed the prep and learning modules they can come in, on a walk-in basis, along with picture ID, in the Assessment Center located in the Penguin Union Building, Room 015.