Welcome to Spring 2021 Term

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Dear Clark College Students,

Welcome to Penguin Nation! We are so happy that you are attending Clark College. What happens next? Read on. This page answers that question and has useful information and resources for you and your family.

We look forward to a great term with you. 



Michele Cruse, PhD
Student Affairs Interim Vice President

Classes begin Monday,  April 5. You must attend the first class meeting for each of your courses. For remote and online courses, this means logging in to your Canvas account  by the first day of the quarter and clicking into each of your courses to find course requirements.

The college offers three types of classes for spring term:

Refer to your class syllabus for specific course information and assignments.

One of the biggest questions is about Financial Aid. If you applied for Financial Aid for winter term, please know we are processing files every day. We will start disbursing financial aid on December 31 to students who have received award notifications. We are working through Financial Aid emails on a first come, first served basis as quickly as we can and will respond to you as soon as possible. If you have already contacted us by email, please do not send another message. You may also reach Financial Aid via Zoom Monday through Thursday and on Fridays, January 1 and January 8,  10 a.m.-2 p.m. More information regarding financial aid appears below and the Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions page at http://www.clark.edu/enroll/paying-for-college/financial-aid/faq.php.

Student Questions and Answers for Spring Term

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Virtual SupportsOnline Class InformationZoom SupportsComputers and Wifi HotSpotsTextbooks and SuppliesTutoring AssistanceFinancial Assistance College FeesStudent Employment • Personal SupportsDisability Support Services • Office of Diversity, Equity and InclusionRunning Start Transitional Studies

Virtual Supports

How do I access enrollment, advising, financial aid, and other student supports?

While the physical campus is largely closed to the public, most employees continue to work remotely and are available by email. Departments and offices are still providing services. To reach a specific department, visit our Virtual Support Center.

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Online Class Information

How do I know when I am supposed to be in class?

All classes start on Monday, April 5 with the requirement to log into Canvas, our learning management system, to get started with any Course Orientation provided by your professors. To access Canvas, go directly to the login screen at https://clarkcollege.instructure.com. You will need your ctcLink ID and password to log in.

 How can I learn more about using Canvas? 

At the Canvas login screen, click the Canvas Student Orientation link at the bottom. This self-paced, ungraded orientation will introduce you to the technical requirements for Canvas, navigating your Canvas account and your courses, various methods of communicating both with your professor and with your classmates, and a number of other features you will use this term.

 How do I access my course information in Canvas?

When you log into Canvas, you will arrive at the Dashboard. For published courses, you will have access to a “card” representing each of your registered courses. Professors will publish their courses by Monday, January 4 at 8:00 a.m.; you may not have access to your courses prior to that time. Some professors send announcements and inbox messages from Canvas to your emails. Be sure to watch for information about your classes.

 I’ve never taken an online or remote course before. Who can I talk to if I get stuck?

The first person you should communicate with regarding your course is your professor. Your professor will address questions related to course content. You may also find forums in your course available for posting messages that you and your classmates can use for general course questions. To locate your instructor’s email address, you can use the Faculty Directory.


If your question is technical, let your professor know you are experiencing difficulties and then connect with the TechHub at techhub@clark.edu for more assistance. The TechHub provides centralized technical support for Clark College students related to logging in to your Canvas account. They can also help navigate Canvas and other online resources including MyClark@ctcLink and MyClark@Clark. Our technicians can help with software, computer devices, and accounts provided by Clark College. You can contact the TechHub by emailing them at techhub@clark.edu. 

Helpful Links · ctcLink Account ID/Password · Canvas Tutorials · Clark Student Email · Clark Labs Account · Zoom Tutorials

We encourage you to visit the eLearning website for resources that can answer many of your questions.

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Zoom Supports

How can I practice using Zoom? How can I make sure my computer system is set up properly and that I know how to use it? 

Some basic tutorials are available at the IT website. The TechHub can also aid with your use of Zoom. Be sure to communicate with your professor if there is a chance you’ll miss a scheduled Zoom meeting for your class. 

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Computers and WiFi HotSpots

I don’t have a computer at home. What do I do?

Clark has purchased several hundred computers to loan to students. Please fill out the Technology Loan Program Request Form ASAP to access more information. Once you have applied, a staff person will follow up with next steps.

I don’t have access to the Internet at home. What do I do?

To apply for a WiFi hotspot for in-home use, please fill out the Technology Loan Program Request Form ASAP. Clark has a limited number of hotspots available through this program.

The college can also provide student emergency grant funds to assist qualified students with technology issues. Visit our Financial Wellness page to apply for the emergency grant. 

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Textbooks and Supplies – available now.

How do I buy my course materials this term?

During Remote Operations,  all course materials must be purchased online. Students should visit www.clarkbookstore.com to find required course materials. Look up  course materials lists by DEPT/COURSE NUMBER/ITEM or SECTION number. Have your schedule handy to make finding the materials easier. Materials can be delivered by UPS or picked up in store (by appointment only.)

NOTE: Some items may only be available for Pre-Paid Pick Up due to size or weight. 

Ordering ETA

Most web orders are processed within one business day after they have been submitted. Estimate an additional two business days for local UPS delivery.

The week prior to, and the week of a new quarter are the busiest times of order fulfillment for the bookstore. To avoid delays, shop before this peak period. Rest assured, even during the busiest times, orders are processed  in the order they are received.  Watch your email for updates. If you have not received a response after two business days, please contact us.


Free Shipping Event

FREE shipping on all orders placed March 8-28. Shop early, be prepared, and take advantage of this FREE shipping event to save time and money. 

Returns and Exchanges

Spring term course materials purchased March 8 - April 16, 2021 must be returned or exchanged no later than April 20, 2021. Visit https://www.clarkbookstore.com/site_remote_operations.asp#returns to find more information about return options.

Other Bookstore Services

Other bookstore services are available in store by appointment only, including general shopping opportunities, FREE Clark student ID cards, and FREE C-Tran bus passes. Visit https://www.clarkbookstore.com/site_remote_operations.asp to schedule an appointment and to see a complete list of Clark Bookstore’s wide range of services.

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Tutoring Assistance

How can I get Tutoring assistance if I can’t come to campus?

All physical campus tutoring centers remain closed while the college operates remotely, and social distancing measures are required. However, Tutoring Services will continue to provide online tutoring through live Zoom sessions in the Virtual Tutoring Centers and via the eTutoring platform. Tutoring Services web pages contain the direct links to the Virtual Tutoring Centers and eTutoringOnline.org. 

 When you visit the Virtual Tutoring Center and you are connected with Clark College peer, paraprofessional, and adjunct tutors via Zoom and are able to work face to face in real time! If you utilize eTutoringOnline.org, there are three ways you can use eTutoring for help:

1. Live Tutoring sessions are synchronous (scheduled at a specific time) tutoring session via Zoom. Students meet with the tutor on a first-come-first-served basis. After logging in, students can view tutor schedules by subject area.

2. eQuestions are asynchronous (anytime) option where students can post a question and a tutor will respond generally within 24-48 hours. This works best for quick questions that do not require an extended conversation.

3. Online Writing Labs are asynchronous (anytime) option where students can upload a draft of their paper, along with specific questions and concerns. A tutor will provide written feedback (a summary letter and comments embedded in the draft), usually within a day or two. Links to relevant resources are provided.

Please visit the Tutoring Services web pages for up-to-date scheduling information and links to quarterly live Zoom sessions. You may email Tutoring Services directly for further assistance at tutoring@clark.edu

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Financial Assistance

 How do I view my financial aid information?

All Financial Aid updates and information are viewable at MyClark@ctcLink. By clicking the “Tasks” tile a checklist will appear if further actions are required. In the “Financial Aid” tile, you will be able to view your award(s) once your aid is packaged.

 How will I receive my financial aid disbursements?

Once you receive and accept your financial aid award, the college will apply funds to your tuition and fee balances first. The college will then disburse any remaining financial aid through BankMobile to your More information about BankMobile is on our Financial Aid Disbursement page.

I am struggling financially. What additional financial assistance available?    

If you are facing a financial emergency, Clark College offers emergency assistance through the emergency grants program. Apply now on the online emergency grant application  

For assistance preparing budgets, forecasting income and expenses, discussing emergency grant opportunities and accessing resources to assist during difficult times, please review the Financial Wellness page, or email financialwellness@clark.edu to set an appointment with a Financial Wellness Coach.  

If your family income has changed recently, your financial aid file may be reevaluated and you may be eligible for additional funding assistance for tuition, books,  supplies, and other costs associated with your attendance.  Contact finaidmail@clark.edu.

You also may be eligible for financial supports through Workforce Education Services. Contact wes@clark.edu and request a screening appointment. You may qualify for assistance even if you do not meet traditional FAFSA/financial aid eligibility. Learn more at Workforce Education Services

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Student Employment

I am looking for student employment opportunities. Where do I start?

The Student Employment Program is open! Apply now! Do I qualify? Here are the first steps:

1. Register for at least six credits

2. Complete the quiz located on the MyClark@Clark page

3. Review the Student Employment Checklist

Supervisors are actively recruiting talent for remote and on campus positions for the 2020 -2021 academic year. Some of our existing positions include Note Taker, Childcare Aide, Office Assistant and many more! There are Work Study, non-Work Study and WorkFirst positions available

Are Work Study positions available during remote operations?

You must have a financial aid award to apply for Work Study positions. To add Work Study to your award, email WSjobs@clark.edu. If you do not qualify for Work Study, it is likely that you will qualify for Institutional Hire. For more information, contact careerservices@clark.edu.

I am looking for an off-campus job. Where do I start?

For support in developing job search strategies and exploring careers, visit the Career Services website. You can also make an appointment at careerservices@clark.edu or by calling 360.992.2902.

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Personal Supports

I am concerned about balancing family, work, and college responsibilities. Who can help me?

Talking to a counselor can be helpful in planning to manage multiple obligations, reducing class load and strategizing program requirements, and just have someone to talk to about how stressful this period in history is on students. Phone and Zoom consultations are available by emailing our Counseling and Health Center at chc@clark.edu. Please allow 24-48 business hours for a response.

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Disability Support Services

Did you have an IEP in high school? Could you benefit from disability accommodations?

Please visit the DSS website for more information and resources.

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Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How can I meet new people and feel supported at Clark?

Peer Mentors and staff in the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) want to help you have an engaging and rewarding fall term! Hop into our virtual Diversity Center to chat, ask questions, get words of encouragement, or find help for a problem. To access our department, visit our Virtual Support Center and look for the Diversity Center Feel free to contact ODEI at diversity@clark.edu if you have questions.


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Running Start Supports

The college provides an Online Learning Resource Page with information and resources to answer questions related to our eLearning program. While some classes may have an in-person component (i.e. lab classes), the college will be taking every precaution to ensure a safe learning environment by limiting interactions and enforcing social distancing protocols.

Important resources for Running Start students

Where do I turn in placement materials/EVF/Fee Waiver during remote services?

Any questions about the enrollment process, please contact start@clark.edu.

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Transitional Studies

Students in Transitional Studies, Career & Academic Preparation and English as a Second Language classes, have dedicated advisors to assist them with registration and enrollment as well as support during the quarter. The Transitional Studies advisors are:

Glenda Cunningham@clark.edu
gcunningham@clark.edu working with students with last names beginning with: 

Silvia Marinova 
working with students with last names beginning with: 

Malissa Pierce 
working with all Open Doors students and students with last names beginning with: 

Any questions about the registration or the enrollment process please contact tssupport@clark.edu or join us on Zoom through our Virtual Support Center.

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