Textbook Program

We at the Veteran Resource Center want to assist our student veterans (any veteran affiliated students) attending Clark. One of the resources we provide is a program that helps student veterans get the books and materials they need to be successful in an academic setting.  We rely on other student veterans and the community to donate their Clark text books to keep our program running. Anyone is able to help and here’s how:

Help our student veterans succeed in obtaining a higher education!

You may make donations to support our Books for Veterans Program at Clark College’s Veteran Resource Center, located in Gaiser Hall room 216.

Tutoring Schedules:

The Veteran Resource Center has a designated Math and English tutor available to help you with your studies.

Our Math tutor is available:

Monday thru Thursday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Fall Quarter)

Our English tutor is available:

English tutor will resume hours for Fall Quarter