Peer Mentor Programs

 Clark College Peer Mentor Programs provide an opportunity for students to help others connect to Clark College and community resources, navigate the college, and work toward academic goals. Peer mentors enjoy working with people, have a wide range of experiences at Clark College and a willingness to share those experiences with current and prospective students.

Contacting Peer Mentors

Sometimes talking to a Clark College student who has been trained in assisting peers in accessing campus resources can be helpful. Peer Mentors are Clark students who are knowledgeable about how to maximize your success!

 Group Peer Mentor Photo

Peer Mentors for the 2018-2019 academic year:

Student Success Programs Peer Mentors (GHL 137)

Ian Gantz


Hello! My name is Ian Gantz and I'm a Student Success Peer Mentor. I was born in Chile (South America) and moved to the United States in my freshman year of high school, six years ago. I speak Spanish, English and little bit of German. I enjoy playing basketball, listening to music and hanging out with friends. I've been attending Clark for 3 years working on my General Associate in Arts transfer degree and I plan to get into Psychology. I spend most of my time walking through campus and I'm not hard to spot since I am 6'7", so if you see me just say, "Hi!"

Ian Gantz


Josiah "Dewey" Willard


Hi! My name is Josiah Willard. Being a Student Success Peer Mentor is an amazing job, and I am very happy to connect with students and help them navigate the system at Clark College. I was raised in Vancouver my entire life, so this is my home. I graduated from Hockinson High School in 2017 as a Running Start student, which was an amazing decision in my opinion. I am earning my Associate in Arts degree and I plan to transfer to Washington State University Vancouver to pursue a degree in Public Affairs. I'd like to get into politics in order to help my community in every way that I possibly can. In my off time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading, and playing with my corgi, Harli.>

 Josiah Willard


Taylor Mata


Hi! My name is Taylor Mata and I'm a Student Success Peer Mentor. I have been going to Clark for a couple years and know how overwhelming it can be sometimes. I am a member of the Makah Nation and I'm very interested in language revitalization. I am from and graduated high school in Portland, Oregon. I'm working toward an Associate Transfer Degree in arts. I am not 100% sure what I want do yet but I want to work with diversity in literature somehow. Outside of the office I enjoy comics, art, poetry, tea, and leisure reading. 

 Taylor Mata

Multicultural Student Affairs Peer Mentors (GHL 214)

Afnan Mohamed

Afnan Mohamed


Diana Sanchez Trejo


Hello everyone! My name is Diana. I have been at Clark College for a little over two years, and I am a Multicultural Student Affairs Peer Mentor. I am originally from Mexico, but I've been living here in Vancouver with my family for some time now. I am currently working on getting my transfer degree for Biology, as I have found that I particularly enjoy science and math as well as enjoy learning about how things work! It took me two years to finally decide on this degree and who knows, I may change my mind at the last minute, but I've learned that it's okay. I don't know specifically what I will do with this degree; however, I am confident that I will figure it out or stumble across something amazing along the way. As a student, I understand some of the struggles or stresses as well as the excitement that comes with being in college. Therefore, if you have any questions, need help finding resources, or want to find somewhere to hang out in between classes, please visit me and the other Peer Mentors in the Diversity Center located in GHL 214!

 Diana Sanchez Trejo

Transitions Peer Mentors (TBG 201)

Kodi Findlay


Hello, my name is Kodi Findlay, and I am one of the Peer Mentors in the Transitional Studies Department. I began attending Clark College in September 2017. I started with getting my high school diploma and have now moved on to getting my AA transfer degree. I have learned a lot here at Clark; I was able to set and achieve my goal of getting my high school diploma and then furthering my education, but I'm not sure exactly in what yet. The best part of being a Peer Mentor is getting to meet and learn about new people and things here at Clark. In my spare time I am a mother of two wonderful boys, I love cooking, baking and making dreamcatchers. If you need anything at all please come see me in the T Building (TBG), room 201. I can't wait to meet you!

Kodi Findlay


Sajida Hasso


Hi! My name is Sajida Hasso, and I'm Peer Mentor in the Transitional Studies Department. I started attending Clark College in April 2017 as a student in Fast Track One, and English is my second language. I'm working toward my Business Administration Degree. I learned a lot last year and was able to set goals and concentrate on my studies. This job is very enjoyable, and the most interesting part is communicating with students and helping them. If you need any help finding resources or information about Clark, please feel free to contact me or visit in the T Building, room 202 (TBG 202).

 Sajida Hasso


About Peer Mentor Programs

Student Success Peer Mentor Program

The goal of Student Success Programs (SSP) is to support the retention, learning and success of all Clark College students. SSP Peer Mentors assist with the Academic Standards Policy process and the college’s early academic alert process; plan and participate in events; participate in workshops and classroom visits to promote Student Success Programs; and meet one-on-one with students to offer information, guidance and support.

Transitions Peer Mentor Program

The goal of the Transitions Peer Mentor Program is to support the progression, retention and success of students enrolled in pre college-level programs and moving into college-level courses; these programs include Career and Academic Preparation (CAP) courses, High School 21+, and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. Transitions Peer Mentors assist with the college’s early academic alert process; plan and host events; participate in workshops and classroom visits to promote; and meet one-on-one with students to offer information, guidance and support

Multicultural Student Affairs Peer Mentor Program

The goal of the Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) Peer Mentor Program is to support the learning and retention of all Clark College students. MSA Peer Mentors create a welcoming environment in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) and provide outreach to students who receive academic early alerts, direct students to resources, offer support and guidance, and plan and participate in events. MSA Peer Mentors assist in fulfilling the college’s mission to provide a safe, affirming learning environment for students of diverse identities.

The International Peer Mentor Program

The goal of the International Peer Mentor Program is to connect new international students with current Clark College students to help international students to Clark College. This volunteer opportunity helps students build important intercultural leadership skills! For more information, please vivist the International Programs Office in GHL 216 or conatct 360-992-2390 or