Peer Mentor Programs

Clark College Peer Mentor Programs provide an opportunity for students to help others connect to Clark College and community resources, navigate the college, and work toward academic goals. Peer mentors enjoy working with people, have a wide range of experiences at Clark College and a willingness to share those experiences with current and prospective students.

Contacting Peer Mentors

Sometimes talking to a Clark College student who has been trained in assisting peers in accessing campus resources can be helpful. Peer Mentors are Clark students who are knowledgeable about how to maximize your success!

 Group Peer Mentor Photo

Peer Mentors for the 2017-2018 academic year:

Student Success Programs Peer Mentors (GHL 137)

Angela Williams


Greetings, my name is Angela, but I also go by Angel or Angie. I have been attending Clark for a while now and am enjoying every minute. I currently work on campus as a Student Success Peer Mentor and love serving fellow students. I'm working toward my Business Administration Degree. I have four quarters until I complete my degree! Not sure what I'll do with it it, but I have time to figure it out. Outside of Clark, I'm a mother of three children, ages 14, 12, and 8, who are my world and teach me something every day. In my free time (you know, between full-time mom, full-time student, and part-time worker) I like to read, hike, go on mini adventures, and watch movies and T.V.

Angela Williams


Josiah "Dewey" Willard


Hi! My name is Josiah Willard, and I'm a Student Success Peer Mentor. Being a Peer Mentor is an amazing job, and I am very happy to connect with students and help them navigate the system at Clark College. I was raised in Vancouver my entire life, but I was born in Portland, so that will always be the place I cherish the most. I graduated from Hockinson High School in June of 2017 as a Running Start student, which was an amazing decision in my opinion. As of my 2017-18 year at Clark , I am earning my Associate in Arts degree, and I plan to transfer to Washington State University Vancouver to pursue a double major in Sociology and Public Affairs with plans to join the police force and maybe one day the FBI. In my off time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading, and playing with my corgi, Harli.
 Josiah Willard

Multicultural Student Affairs Peer Mentors (GHL 214)

Ian Gantz

 Hi! My name is Ian Gantz and I’m a Multicultural Peer Mentor. I was born in Chile (South America) and moved to the U.S. on my freshman year of high school (five years ago). I speak Spanish, English and little bit of German. I enjoy playing basketball, listening to music and hanging out with friends. I’ve been attending Clark for a year now working on my General Associate in Arts transfer degree and I plan to get into Psychology. I spend most of my time walking through campus and I’m not hard to spot since I am 6’7”, so if you see me just say, "Hi!"

Ian Gantz


Michelle Meyers

 My name is Michelle Meyers and this is my second year as a Multicultural Peer Mentor at Clark College. I am earning my General Associate in Arts degree and it has been challenging because of math. I am very privileged to have this job and to earn money so I can go on my awesome church retreats! I also love to help people and to help plan events, so I have been honored to be a part of this community which feels like family to me. Recently, I finished my Women Studies Certificate and everything required for the General AA except the rest of the math courses. I'm also working on a certificate in child care to help me obtain a job. I am very active in my church, my faith is my entire life and my ultimate desire is to become a nun or a sister; discerning which religious community to join is a long and hard process. The reason I want to be a sister, is because things break, things fade, people come and go, and they don’t always meet expectations. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do with my life in general and the most fulfilling thing to me is the love of Jesus! It has been my privilege and honor to serve as a Peer Mentor and have the work experience. I am so thankful for this opportunity!


Transitions Peer Mentors (TBG 201)

Patricia Bivens


Patricia Bivens


Shalana Marshall


Hello there! I am a second-year Peer Mentor in the Transitional Studies Department. I have been at Clark College for a little over two years now. The first year I was in the High School 21 program, having returned to school from a 20-year gap in my education. At first, I was very scared and unsure, but soon learned how great Clark is and how wonderful the people are here. After graduation in 2016, I started my Associate in Arts in Administrative Assistance, and since then have changed my major to Business Administration with a Certificate in Proficiency in Small Business Management.

If I had to give students just one piece of advice, it would be this: "Never be too scared to start anew; we all have the power to achieve whatever we want in our lives." If you need any help finding resources or information about Clark. please feel free to contct me or visit in the T Builiding, room 201.

Good luck with your studies and aim for the stars!

 Shalana Marshall


About Peer Mentor Programs

Student Success Peer Mentor Program

The goal of Student Success Programs (SSP) is to support the retention, learning and success of all Clark College students. SSP Peer Mentors outreach to students who receive Academic Early Warning alerts and those affected by the Academic Standards Policy, and they also promote SSP services through workshops, classrooms visits, and college and department events. Peer Mentors in this role are encouraged to meet with students one-on-one to offer support, advice and resources.

Transitions Peer Mentor Program

The goal of the Transitions Peer Mentor Program is to support the success of Transitional Studies Students. They focus on students engaged in High School 21+, English as a Second Language, GED, and students transitioning into I-BEST and first quarter college-level classes. Transitional Studies Peer Mentors perform outreach to students who receive Academic Early Warning alerts, and participate in department and college events to share their knowledge of campus and community resources with others.

Multicultural Student Affairs Peer Mentor Program

The goal of the Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) Peer Mentor Program is to support the learning and retention of all Clark College students. They help to create a welcoming environment in the Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE) while providing outreach to students who receive Academic Early Warning alerts, directing students to resources, offering support and guidance, and participating in department and college events. MSA Peer Mentors assist in fulfilling the college's mission to provide a safe learning environment for students of diverse identities.

The International Peer Mentor Program

The goal of the International Peer Mentor Program is to connect new international students with current Clark College students to help international students to Clark College. This volunteer opportunity to build important intercultural leadership skills! For more information, please see the Office of International Programs in GHL 216.