Learning Communities

FYE reason 12: Because Learning is a team sport.

Learning communities are two or more classes that are paired together, which students take as a group. In this setting, it is easier to form study groups, build long lasting relationships and make connections between subject areas. In a learning community, classes are scheduled together and classrooms are conveniently located.

Clark College offers different types of learning communities; all designed to help you connect with classmates and be successful in your studies. 

First-Quarter Learning Communities

COLL 101 College Essentials: Intro to Clark is paired with common first year classes, such as Math and / or English to form a first-quarter learning communty. These communities help students build a successful foundation and support them in their first quarter and year at Clark.

An example of a First-Quarter Learning Community Schedule:

Course  Credit Time Day
MATH 030 5 800-850 DAILY
ENGL 098 5 1000-1050 DAILY
COLL 101 2 900-950 MW


For further information about Clark Start, contact Janette Clay at 360-992-2618, jclay@clark.edu or in the T Building, TBG 201.