First-Quarter Learning Communities

Your first quarter at college can be a time of new and unexpected challenges. That's why Clark College developed an opportunity for you to get startedon the right foot: First-Quarter Learning Communities. Each cohort of students includes a math and / or English class, as well as COLL 101, College Essentials: Intro to Clark; a course designed to help new students learn about the skills and resources they need to be successful at Clark and beyond.

Enrolling in one of these cohorts gives new students a lot of advantages. First, the classes are designed to be taken together, so you can be assured that your classes' schedules won't conflict with each other. Second, classes are conveniently located, so you are not walking back and forth across campus. Last, you'll take classes with a cohort of students who are at the same place you are, giving you a built-in support network of classmates from the very beginning of your time at Clark.

How does it work? After receiving your Math and / or English placement scores, you will be able to determine for which community you are eligbile. Then, visit our Online Registration module to sign up for the specific classes listed in that community. It may be easiest to open the module in another window so you can view your suggested course numbers and your registration information side-by-side on a computer screen.

Fall 2017 Options:

LQA ENGL 097, Writing Fundamentals  (Item 2618) DAILY, 9:00 - 9:50
  COLL 101, College Essentials (Item 2464) TTH, 10:00 - 10:50

For further information about First-Quarter Learning Communities, contact Janette Clay at 360-992-2618, or in the      T Building, TBG 201.