Clark College Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Team

Since the Virginia Tech shootings and other school violence events, many colleges and universities have developed plans and systems to enhance safety and security. The Threat and Violence administrative policy and the Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment (BITA) team were established as part of that effort at Clark College.

BITA is a multidisciplinary team that meets on a regular basis to review and respond to reports of student behavior that may pose a threat of self-harm or to others. The purpose of BITA is to proactively identify, intervene and respond to student behaviors that cause others concern and/or fear that the student poses a danger to self, others or the college community.

Anyone in the college community should report concerns about unusual or threatening behavior by students by submitting a referral form even if such behavior is not perceived as a direct threat or an immediate danger.

If a student shows evidence of immediate harm to self or others, (e.g., weapon in hand, direct statement of clear intention), call 911 and then call Clark College Security and Safety at 360-992-2133.

The BITA team consists of representatives from Student Affairs Administration, Office for Diversity and Equity, Security and Safety, Student Conduct, Disability Support Services and Counseling. Team members review all reports, consult with others and take action or make referrals as appropriate.

Additionalinformation is available in the Student BITA Booklet.