Archer Gallery Past Exhibits

Rodrigo Valenzuela, "Help Wanted"
February 19 to March 15, 2014

Amjad Faur
February 19 to March 15, 2014

Faculty Biennial
January 14 to February 8, 2014


Attend: an Installation by Mike Rathbun
October 08–December 07, 2013

2013 Art Student Annual
May 14- June 12, 2013

Construct (David Corbett, Josh Smith, Jordan Tull and James Archer)
April 9–May 2, 2013

Oracle (Patrick Kelly, Susie J. Lee, and Marie Sivak)
February 20–March 16, 2013

Terra Linear: The Ceramic Line
Jan. 16th–Feb. 10th, 2013


The Sensorium of Painting
November 7– December 9, 2012

October 2–28, 2012

2012 Art Student Annual
May 16th–June 9th, 2012

Clark College presents the 2012 Art Student Annual, a juried presentation of student artwork from the past year.


The Scheme of Things
May 16th–June 9th, 2012

Archer Gallery is proud to present The Scheme of Things, an exhibition of works by Jason Salavon, including The Top 25 Grossing Films of All Time, 2001 and Spigot (Babbling Self-Portrait), 2010. By viewing works created almost a decade apart, the audience is invited to view the threads of the artist's interests in the rapidly changing medium of digital work.


The Infectious Corruption of Color
Feb 21st- March 17th, 2012

Archer Gallery presents The Infectious Corruption of Color, an exhibition of works by Calvin Ross Carl, Laura Hughes, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Amanda Wojick, and Mike Womack. Each artist deals with color in a combination of ways: through concept, formal relationships, personal experiences, visual perception, and experimentation.


Lupification or the Divide
Jan 10th- Feb 4th, 2012
Archer Gallery presents Lupification, or the Divide, works by Bonnie Fortune, Julia Oldham, and Ryan Pierce. The artists in this exhibition approach humanity through its connection to or separation from the natural world. Each presents a unique perspective, whether exploring the relationship, seeking to understand, looking for solutions, or discovering connections to animals, plants, and insects.


Plazm: 20 Years of Art and Design
November 8- December 10, 2011

Archer Gallery presents Plazm: 20 Years of Art and Design, an exhibition of the inestimably influential art magazine as well as the design that has supported its lasting production.


Clark Art Faculty Biennial 2011
September 27- October 22, 2011

The Archer Gallery opened the 2011-2012 academic year with Clark College's Art Department Faculty Biennial.


Art Student Annual 2011
May 11th -June 4th, 2011

The final show for the academic year is the Art Student Annual, a juried presentation of student artwork. This exhibition highlights the art programs available at Clark College, featuring works by students in the ceramics, drawing, graphic design, metal arts, photography, painting, and sculpture classes of the Clark College Art Department.


April 5- 30, 2011

Archer Gallery presents Range, works by Thomas Allen, Harrison Higgs, Andrew O’Brien, Devon Oder, and Robert Smith. These artists explore landscape in varied approaches: mystifying the land, creating illusions, exploring representations, and abstraction. Using a variety of methods including photography, video, mixed media and sculpture, these artists explore landscape as science, concept, a physical presence, and a metaphorical or religious manifestation.

February 22- March 18, 2011

Archer Gallery presents Indweller, video works by Victoria Fu, Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, Noelle Mason, and Lilly McElroy. In each of these works, the bodies are used in a predetermined way within the space of the setting and the frame. The female figures are choreographed or set to a limited structure of movement, rather than used as character explorations. Through controlled gestures, constructed cinematic structures, and suspended moments in time and space, the figures become inseparable from the setting within the video, existing to complete the imagined world of the artist.


January 11- February 5, 2011

Organized by The Art Gym in collaboration with four community college galleries, Perimeter: We Live Here Now is an exhibition of the work of eleven artists who were born and raised outside of the United States, all of whom now live and work in the Pacific Northwest. Archer Gallery presents new paintings by Yoshihiro Kitai and prints and installation work by Kartz Ucci.



Magnitudes And Increments
November 9- December 4, 2010

Archer Gallery presents Magnitudes and Increments, an exhibition of works by Peter Happel Christian (Saint Cloud, Minnesota) and Dan Gilsdorf (Portland, Oregon). Both artists interact with the world by measuring, reducing, and recording it through a range of media. The processes vary for the artists, but both Gilsdorf and Happel Christian engage in systematic methods of artmaking in order to gain understanding of what is more true than real, more poignant than scientific.


September 21- October 23, 2010

Archer Gallery presents Trait, an exhibition of artwork exploring aspects ranging from literary devices to genetic characteristics and traits of physical location. Featuring both regional and national contemporary artists working in drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital mediums, Trait views fictional and physical worlds through work beginning with a single detail and developing into an exploration of larger implications. Trait includes works by Craig Drenne, Lilla Locurto and Bill Outcault, Jack Dingo Ryan, and Ashley Sloan.


Art Student Annual 2010
May 13th- June 5, 2010

The last exhibition for the year at the Archer Gallery, the Art Student Annual, is a highly anticipated juried presentation of student artwork and highlights the art programs available at Clark College. Featuring works by students, the exhibition presents work completed in the photography, painting, drawing, metal arts, sculpture, computer imagery, and ceramics classes of the Clark College Art Department.

Alison Owen
April 10th–30th, 2010

The Archer Gallery presents an exhibition by Alison Owen, the Clark Art Talks Artist-in-Residence at Clark College. Alison Owen makes site-responsive paintings and installations that alter the environment in subtly invasive ways.


February 16–March 14, 2010

Archer Gallery presents Alight, an exhibition of works on paper by artists Aili Schmeltz (Los Angeles) and Laura Vandenburgh (Eugene, Oregon). Somewhere between the physical and the ephemeral, both artists explore concepts of place through drawing and painting on paper.


January 12–February 6, 2010

Archer Gallery presents Vantage, an exhibition of artwork exploring perspective–visually, contextually, and perceptually. Featuring regional and national contemporary artists working in sculpture, video, computer animation, sound, photography, and installation, Vantage invites viewers into uncommon worlds, where meaning is reconstructed and reality subverted. Vantage includes works by Avantika Bawa, Victoria Haven, Isaac Layman, Golan Levin, Greg Pond, and Stephen Slappe.



Flotsam & Jetsam and Jetties & Gyres
November 10th–December 10th, 2009
Steven Beatty and Laurel Kurtz's most recent installation furthers the environmental explorations of their previous work.

Art Faculty Biennial 2009
September 29–October 24, 2009
The Archer Gallery opened the 2009-2010 academic year with Clark College's Art Department Faculty Biennial.

Art Student Annual
May 13–June 9, 2009
The traditional end-of-year exhibition of student work created in Art Department classes.

Expanded Narrative: The Photographic Image in Mixed Media Constructions
April 7–May 2, 2009
Featuring work by Theresa Batty, Ian van Coller, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Nathan Lucas, Amy Pruzan, Jacinda Russell, and Preston Wadley, Expanded Narrative explores the use of the photographic image within the constructed object.

Considered Space
February 17–March 14, 2009
A group show of artists exploring real and perceived space in paint. Featuring the work of Ben Buswell, Jesse Hayward, Mark R. Smith, Adam Sorensen, Grant Hottle, Cara Tomlinson, and Lise Graham.

Beasts & Botanicals
January 13–February 7, 2009
A group exhibition of ceramic artists (animal and flower imagery)


Pacific Currents
November 4–December 5, 2008
Exhibiting nine contemporary artists of Asian heritage, Pacific Currents presents a broad range of mediums ? ceramic, watercolor, cane and bamboo sculpture, photography, mixed media on canvas and paper, and video. Each artists? work references nature and the iconic imagery and materials of the Asian historical tradition, as filtered through contemporary issues and experience.

Ruth Patterson Hart Retrospective
September 30 ?- October 25, 2008
A retrospective viewing of work by Ruth Patterson Hart curated by Trisha and Craig Kauffman. Few individuals were aware of Hart's early academic training and exhibitions; she set her work aside in the family attic for 50 years to devote her life to family and friends.

Dialogue: flat/form
April 8–May 4, 2008
A group exhibition featuring sculpture and flat work by Cris Bruch, Lauren Clay, Drew Daly, Eric Eley, Whiting Tennis, and Amanda Wojick.

A Passion for AFRICA: Central African Art
February 19–March 16, 2008
From the richard and susan lee collection curated by David Binkley, Ph.D.

Art Faculty Biennial
January 15–February 10, 2008

An exhibition of studio work by the Clark College Art Department faculty.


The Red Thread: Women & Militarism
November 6–December 5, 2007
Addressing militarism and its relationship to gender, MB Condon combines news imagery, appropriated text, Pentagon nomenclature, feminine iconography, and polemical portraiture in her paintings and drawings as she explores the issues of language, propaganda, and identity.

DRAWN: Explorations in Line
October 3–28, 2007
An exhibition of drawings by Northwest artists.

An Evening of Digital Music, Interactive Dance & Electronic Literature in Live Performance
September 28, 2007

An exciting multi-media event in collaboration with the Clark College Art Department and Washington State University Vancouver?s Digital Technology & Culture Program.

The Art Student Annual
May 9–June 5, 2007

A juried exhibition of student work in the Archer Gallery.

Jacob Lawrence: The Legend of John Brown
April 3–29, 2007

From Washington's State Art Collection

Optic Journey: A Two Decade Exploration of Illusionary Space
February 13–March 13, 2007

A solo exhibition of work by David Schwarz

circle triangle square
January 9–February 4, 2007


Current Photography: New Directions
October 31–December 1, 2006

Margie Livingston –New Work
September 19–October 22, 2006