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Archer Gallery Shows


Paul Clay (Artist in Residence)
April 11 – May 6, 2017

Politics of the Figure: Ideologies of Failure
February 21-March 25, 2017

Hasta Siempre


Archer at Archer


Student Art Annual


Rodrigo Valenzuela, "Help Wanted"
February 19 to March 15, 2014

Amjad Faur
February 19 to March 15, 2014

Faculty Biennial
January 14 to February 8, 2014


Attend: an Installation by Mike Rathbun
October 08–December 07, 2013

2013 Art Student Annual
May 14- June 12, 2013

Construct (David Corbett, Josh Smith, Jordan Tull and James Archer)
April 9–May 2, 2013

Oracle (Patrick Kelly, Susie J. Lee, and Marie Sivak)
February 20–March 16, 2013

Terra Linear: The Ceramic Line (Ann Christenson, Anne E. Hirondelle,  Brian R. Jones, Ryan LaBar, Brad Mildrexler, Alwyn O'Brien,  Jill Oberman, Sylwia Tur, Lilly Zuckerman)
Jan. 16–Feb. 10, 2013


The Sensorium of Painting (Margaret Wall Romana)
November 7– December 9, 2012

Still (Eric Elliott, James Florschutz, Marie Koetje, Caroline LeFevre, Erika Leppmann, Joseph Park, Susan Seubert)
October 2–28, 2012

2012 Art Student Annual
May 16–June 9, 2012

The Scheme of Things (Jason Salavon)
May 16–June 9, 2012

The Infectious Corruption of Color (Calvin Ross Carl, Laura Hughes, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Amanda Wojick, and Mike Womack)
Feb 21- March 17, 2012


Lupification or the Divide (Bonnie Fortune, Julia Oldham, and Ryan Pierce.)
Jan 10- Feb 4, 2012

Plazm: 20 Years of Art and Design ()
November 8- December 10, 2011

Clark Art Faculty Biennial 2011
September 27- October 22, 2011

Art Student Annual 2011
May 11 -June 4, 2011

Range (Thomas Allen, Harrison Higgs, Andrew O’Brien, Devon Oder, and Robert Smith)
April 5- 30, 2011

Indweller (Victoria Fu, Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, Noelle Mason, and Lilly McElroy)
February 22- March 18, 2011

Perimeter (Yoshihiro Kitai and Kartz Ucci)
January 11- February 5, 2011


Magnitudes And Increments (Peter Happel Christian and Dan Gilsdorf)
November 9- December 4, 2010

Trait (Craig Drenne, Lilla Locurto and Bill Outcault, Jack Dingo Ryan, and Ashley Sloan.)
September 21- October 23, 2010

Art Student Annual 2010
May 13- June 5, 2010

Alison Owen
April 10–30, 2010

Alight (Aili Schmeltz (Los Angeles) and Laura Vandenburgh)
February 16–March 14, 2010

Vantage (Avantika Bawa, Victoria Haven, Isaac Layman, Golan Levin, Greg Pond, and Stephen Slappe)
January 12–February 6, 2010


Flotsam & Jetsam and Jetties & Gyres (Steven Beatty and Laurel Kurtz)
November 10–December 10, 2009

Art Faculty Biennial 2009
September 29–October 24, 2009

Art Student Annual
May 13–June 9, 2009

Expanded Narrative: The Photographic Image in Mixed Media Constructions
(Theresa Batty, Ian van Coller, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Nathan Lucas, Amy Pruzan, Jacinda Russell, and Preston Wadley)
April 7–May 2, 2009

Considered Space (Ben Buswell, Jesse Hayward, Mark R. Smith, Adam Sorensen, Grant Hottle, Cara Tomlinson, and Lise Graham)
February 17–March 14, 2009

Beasts & Botanicals
January 13–February 7, 2009


Pacific Currents  (Nine contemporary artists of Asian heritage)
November 4–December 5, 2008

Ruth Patterson Hart Retrospective
September 30 - October 25, 2008 .

Dialogue: flat/form (Cris Bruch, Lauren Clay, Drew Daly, Eric Eley, Whiting Tennis, and Amanda Wojick)
April 8–May 4, 2008

A Passion for AFRICA: Central African Art (From the richard and susan lee collection curated by David Binkley, Ph.D.)
February 19–March 16, 2008

Art Faculty Biennial
January 15–February 10, 2008



The Red Thread: Women & Militarism (MB Condon)

November 6–December 5, 2007

DRAWN: Explorations in Line  (Northwest artists)
October 3–28, 2007

An Evening of Digital Music, Interactive Dance & Electronic Literature in Live Performance
September 28, 2007

The Art Student Annual
May 9–June 5, 2007

Jacob Lawrence: The Legend of John Brown  (From Washington's State Art Collection )
April 3–29, 2007

Optic Journey: A Two Decade Exploration of Illusionary Space  (David Schwarz )
February 13–March 13, 2007

circle triangle square
January 9–February 4, 2007


Current Photography: New Directions (Holly Andres, Blake Andrews, Amy Archer, Daniel Barron, Liz Haley, Mark Hooper, Tamara Lischka, and Grace Weston)
October 31–December 1, 2006

Margie Livingston –New Work
September 19–October 22, 2006

Art Talks



Kate Bingaman-Burt

Rodrigo Valenzuela

Amjad Faur

Kimberly Trowbridge

Emily Nachison


Susan Seubert

Mike Rathbun

Shantell Martin 

Avantika Bawa

Amjad Faur

Mike Rathbun

Ann Christenson 

Gerrick Imatani

Margaret Wall-Romana 

Jeffrey Mitchell

Paula Rebsom

Stephen Hayes

Gerit Grimm

Josh Berger

Brenda Grell

Scott Murase

Avantika Bawa

Storm Tharp

James Lavadour


Wendy Red Star

Bonnie Fortune

Karl Burkheimer

Alison Owen

Mike Bray

Aili Schmeltz

Isaac Layman

Ben Buswell


Chas Bowie

Chris Knight

Kartz Ucci