International Baccalaureate (IB)

Clark College recognizes the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program as a coherent, challenging course of study and responds individually to each participantís petition for granting of college credit. Students may be awarded credit for completing individual areas of study within the program. A minimum score of five (5) on the higher-level examination is required for consideration of credit. Standard-level examinations are not granted credit. A maximum of fifteen (15) credits in IB coursework can apply to the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science-Transfer programs.

Please submit your IB transcripts at the Welcome Center in Gaiser Hall, Room  128. Once scores are received and reviewed, you will recieve a letter from the Credential Evaluations office.  If the scores meet the minimum standards, a petition form will also be sent. You will need to complete the petition form, pay a $5.00 transcription fee at the Cashier’s Office and submit both the petition form and receipt of payment to the Welcome Center.  Specific department policies are listed below. Examinations completed in areas not listed below require appropriate Department Chair approval before credit will be granted.

IB Petition form