Online Registration Instructions

Online Service Hours
5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Students registering online must use:

If you experience difficulty, you may use the student computer lab in the Cannell Library.


You may register on or after your registration date/time. The "Register Now" link on the left will take you to the online registration login page.

Online Registration Instructions:

Before you begin, please select your course item numbers. Review our current class listings in our Schedule of Classes or use the Schedule Planner.

Registration Login Page
  1. In the SID field, type your Student Identification Number (SID). If you have lost your number, we can assist you. Please send a written, signed request for your SID to the Registration Office or visit the office in person with a photo I.D.
  2. In the PIN field, type your Personal Identification Number (PIN), also known as your Registration PIN, which will typically be your date of birth (MDDYY or MMDDYY).
  3. From the Select Quarter drop-down list, choose the quarter for which you are registering.
  4. Click the Register button. This will bring you to the Welcome page.
Welcome Page
Please verify your name on the Welcome page. If it is incorrect, contact the Registration Office as soon as possible.

To access registration, click the Continue button.

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Information Request Page

You may be required to answer a set of questions if the information requested is not currently in your student record. After you have answered all of the questions, click the Continue button. If you have already answered these questions for the quarter you selected, you will be connected directly to the Registration page.

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Registration Page

The Registration page is split into one two vertical frames. The vertical frame on the left is where you enter item numbers to add and drop classes. The frames on the right displays messages, your schedule, and your tuition and fee information.

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Adding and Dropping Classes
  1. In the item number fields to the left of the Registration page, enter the item numbers of the classes you want to add or drop. For example, 4592, 8854, and 2301. If you do not have the item numbers, you can find them Schedule of Classes.
  2. Click the Submit Add/Drop button.

If you enter an item number for which you are already registered, the process will treat the request as a "drop". If you enter an item number for which are not registered, the process will treat the request as an "add".

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Error Messages

As you submit item numbers for classes that you want to add or drop, you may see an error message appear on the top right side of the Registration page. These messages provide valuable information about the classes that you are attempting to add or drop. Error messages inform you when a class is full and a waitlist is available, or when a problem has occurred that will prevent you from registering for a specific class. Example error messages:

"Item: 1840 Course: WS 101 (0121) The current waitlist count = 0002 and capacity = 0010."

"This class is cancelled." or "Invalid item number."

"Permission is required to register for this class."

If you have questions about an error message that you receive, please call (360) 992-2183 or visit the Registration Office.  Be prepared to relay the specific error message.

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Course Entry Codes

Many courses require prerequisites or an instructor's permission to register. Often course entry codes are required even though you have met a prerequisite for a class. When you do not meet the prerequisites or if you are registering for a course that requires an instructor's permission, you will not be allowed to register. You must obtain a course entry code to enroll online. A course entry code is a 5-digit number that is "attached" to the course. If you are eligible to enroll, you can receive the course entry code from the Advising Office or the instructor or division office. To use a course entry code:

  1. Enter the class item number of the course that you want to add in an item number field on the Registration page.

  2. Click the Submit Add/Drop button.
    - In the blank field next to the message, enter the 5-digit course entry code for the class.
    - A message appears indicating a course entry code is required.

  3. Click the Submit Entry Code button.

If a message is displayed stating the course entry code you received has already been used, contact the Advising Office, instructor or division office to get another code.

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Changing Credits
If the course you are registered for is a variable credit class, a Change Credits button will appear directly below your schedule. A variable credit class is a class where you can earn any number of credits between 1 and the maximum credits attached to the class. When you register for a class, you are registered for the maximum number of credits allowed for the class. You can then change the number of credits for which you are registered. For example, if you want to complete only 3 credits of a 5 credit class, you can change the credits from 5 credits to 3 credits. You will only be charged for the number of credits you register for. To change the credits for a variable credit class:
  1. On the Registration page, click the Change Credits button beneath your class schedule.

    - The variable credit classes you are registered for appear in a pop up window.

  2. In the Credit field, change the number in the field to the number of credits you want. For example, change 5.0 to 3.0. You cannot register for half or partial credits, for example, 3.5 or 4.2.

  3. Click the OK button.

    -The changed credits appear on your class schedule.
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Viewing Your Schedule
As you add or drop classes, your schedule appears at the top of the Registration page. Information listed for each class includes item number, course identifier, credits, audit class identifier, days the class meets, class times, building and room, class fees, and instructor name.

Web registration is "real time" or immediate. As such, you will see an immediate change to your schedule whenever you add or drop a class.

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Viewing Your Tuition & Payments

Charges, payments, financial aid, and refunds for tuition and class fees are listed on the Registration page immediately below your classes. Only tuition and class fees are included in the listing of charges and payments.

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Printing Your Schedule
To print a copy of your schedule and your charges and payment information, go to the View My Schedule link to the left of the Registration page.  You can print a copy of your schedule and charges and payment information by clicking on the schedule frame and using your browser print function.

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Finishing Registration

Once you are finished registering for classes, click the Finish button at the bottom of the page. On the next page, you will see tuition and fee due dates on the right and these options on the left:

View My Address

View My Schedule

Pay By Credit Card

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Verifying Your Address

Select the View My Address link to see the current address on record at Clark College. If the address is not correct, follow these procedures to update it:

  1. Click the Change My Address button on the Current Address Information frame.

  2. Make changes in the address and phone fields as necessary.

  3. Click the Submit Address Change button.

    -If your address is successfully changed, a message pops up indicating your address has changed.

  4. Click OK.

The new address is displayed.

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