Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Enrollment Services Office assist me?


Enrollment Services provides assistance with admission and registration processes and provides these services:


  • applying for admission to Clark College
  • tuition refund petitions
  • residency reclassification
  • major declaration
  • signing up for Student Orientations
  • transcripts and grades
  • information on GED, ESL, and Adult Basic Education programs
  • enrollment verification
  • applying to Health Occupations programs
  • repeated classes
  • registering for classes


  • dropping/withdrawing from classes
  • tuition waivers: Gold Card (Senior Citizen), Clark College Employee, Washington State Employee


For the services below, please contact the appropriate departments:




Q:  How do I activate my Clark College student e-mail account?


To set up your student e-mail for the first time:


Forgot your e-mail password?


Q:  What is a Global PIN?


In combination with your SID, your Global PIN allows you to access your student records online and to register for classes through the Current Students page.


New students' Global PINs will be set to their six-digit dates of birth (MMDDYY). Upon logging in to the Current Students page for the first time, they will be asked to change their Global PINs to a number other than their dates of birth.


Q:  I can't reset my Global PIN online. Why?

A student may reset his Global PIN online if he has a Social Security Number (SSN) attached to his student account.

If there is no SSN attached to the student's account, or we have the incorrect SSN on file, then resetting online is not available. Instead, students may visit the Registration Office with photo ID to retrieve a forgotten PIN or to change it.


Q:  When may I register for classes?

Log in to the Current Students page with your Student ID Number and Global PIN to view your Registration Date/Time for the upcoming quarter.   

Q:  The class I want requires instructor permission, how can I register online?

Ask the instructor of the class for a Course Entry Code. This five-digit number will allow you to enroll in the class online. You can also ask an instructor to sign a Class Registation Form, Change of Registation Form, or to submit an electronic Instructor Permission Form.

You might also need a Course Entry Code if you have met the prerequisite for a class at another college. In this case, contact an advisor for more information.


Q:  May someone else register for me?

Students must register themselves. You may register online or in person at the Registration Office with photo ID. You may also register online on campus at Registration kiosks, a computer lab or Cannell Library.

Q:  What should I do if I can't attend the first day of class?

If you are unable to attend the first day of your classes due to an emergency, contact your instructor to discuss your options. If you are unable to reach your instructor, contact the class department or the Office of Instruction at 360-992-2291.

Q:  Will my instructors drop me from classes if I don't attend?

Maybe. If you miss one or more class sessions during the first five days of the quarter, you may be dropped from the class. However, not all instructors drop students from classes for non-attendance. If you miss any classes during the first five days of the term, you are responsible for verifying your enrollment status.

If you are dropped from a class by your instructor for non-attendance within the first five days of the quarter, you will receive a full refund of tuition/ fees, if paid.


If it your responsibility to drop yourself from any classes that you do not plan to attend. You will be held responsible for any tuition/fees paid by you or any agency (including Financial Aid) for classes you do not drop or withdraw from.


Q: May I change my schedule online after I register for classes?

Yes, you may make changes online through Web Registration under the Current Students page. You may:

You may also visit the Registration Office with photo ID to complete a Change of Registration Form to make changes to your enrollment.


Q:  What if I want to add a class but online registration is closed?

If Web Registration is closed for the quarter, you must add classes to your schedule in person at the Registration Office with photo ID.



Q: I repeated a class, how do I update my GPA?

If you have repeated a course and earned a higher grade, submit to the Registration Office a Notification of Repeated Class Request Form to have your transcript updated.

Q:  What if I cannot register online due to a disability?

Disability Support Services (DSS) will assist you with registration transactions.



Q: How do I order an official transcript?

Current students and alumni may order official transcripts from our Transcripts & Grades page.

Q:  How do I know what books I need for class?

You may visit the Clark College Bookstore or order books and supplies online.

Q:  How do I access the Financial Aid Portal?

You may access the Financial Aid Portal here. If you have trouble logging in, contact the Financial Aid Office at or 360-992-2153.