Late Registration

Late Registration & Late Registration Fee

If you register for a class on or after the first day of the quarter, you may be asked to show proof of registration upon attending the first class meeting. Take your Student Schedule to class with you as proof of your registration.


Beginning the third day of the quarter, you must obtain the written consent of the instructor to register in a class.


To register for classes after the 10th day of the quarter (8th day summer), obtain the written approval of the instructor on a Change of Registration Form and a Late Registration Petition. Then visit the Registration Office with photo ID to complete your transaction.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will be assessed a late registration fee of $50 per class for every course registered after the 10th day of the quarter (8th day in summer).


Students whose enrollment changes fall under the following circumstances will NOT be charged the late registration fee:

A student who feels his or her situation warrants an exception to the late registration fee may request to have it waived by completing an Exception to the Late Registration Fee Request form. The final decision regarding exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Registrar.


Late Registration in a One-Day Class


Students who are not registered for a one-day course prior to attending must get the instructor's signature on a Class Registration Form (or Change of Registration Form) and bring it to the Registration Office with photo ID to enroll in the class no later than the next business day following the class meeting date.