Student Employment

Work Study and Institutional Hire positions are intended to help students pay for school through part-time employment. These positions are available both on and off-campus.

Participation is optional but offers benefits including:

A work-study award does not guarantee employment. If you do not receive a work-study award, you can apply for on-campus Institutional Hire positions.

Start here

  1. Log into the Current Student Tab using your Student ID and Global PIN.
  2. Click on the "Student Employment" tab.
  3. Complete the quiz and disclosure.

All student employment positions require a current Career Center approved resume (create link). Any questions regarding resumes must be directed to Career Services.

Work Study and Institutional Hire Description

Financial Aid Work Study

In order to apply for Work Study positions you must:

WorkFirst Work Study

This is a grant funded program managed by the Eligibility Office. The Eligibility requirements for WorkFirst are:

Institutional Hire

In order to apply for Institutional Hire positions you must:

To participate, you must be registered for a minimum of six (6) credits and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. You will be awarded a specific amount of work study funds, which will determine the number of hours per week which may be worked. Depending on the number of hours you work and your rate of pay, it is possible that you may not earn your entire award. Funds that are not earned will not be given to you at a later time.

The income you earn is not counted against you when you apply for financial aid the following year, but is taxable. Once you have received a Work Study position, please read the Student Employment Handbook for more detailed information regarding student employment.

Depending on the program, jobs are available on- or off-campus: